MONDAY, JULY 8, 2024

Notice #1: Opps, I should have been more precise in the “flash” report. It was not Dave and me but someone else who lives up the hill in “Cerro Buenos Aires”, behind Tienda de Las Iguanas that is between to two arroyos. Below are two replies I received. Also, I was informed by one of our readers that the police have been contacted. bpeCheryl

1) The same vehicle was at our house at 8:50 PM went outside and saw the vehicle parked by my wall. Then I checked my security camera and saw the vehicle had been parked there for ten minutes but a tree blocked part of the video but he saw me and pulled away so you can see the vehicle on video although with the lights and glare it’s difficult, but you can definitely see it is the same description. (We have the video saved in case you get robbed) We live in La Brisa/The Ridge area. He was definitely casing out houses and I am thankful for our dogs. That’s why we love barking dogs and don’t understand why people complain about them. This time they saved us from potentially being robbed. Someone needs to catch this guy and get him out of our town! (unsigned)

2) I’m pretty sure he sped past us coming into town at about 730 tonight as he was doing about 100 km an hour at the second arroyo (unsigned)

NOTICE #2: Vender credit card scammer near Palmes de Cortez. July 5. Please be aware of LB beach venders!!!!!!!! Today a beach vender stole $500 USD in pesos and our bank card and ran $12,000 of charges in less than 20 mins. They were NEVER HERE BEFORE. We have all the evidence to prove ( transactions from their “CLIP” processing stations and names of the “silver” and “souvenir” vendors.) This was NEVER an issue here until people started supporting the Cabo guys. Please stop them by NOT buying stuff. They run calculated schemes and watch. Very sad. The TRUST has changed here. It’s a different world. We all love this place and support the locals and how hard they work for their profits. Keep the venders OUT. This is the guy using the CLIP cc processor (unsigned) ((I’m guessing the CLIP is the little machine that processes our credit cards))



July – 2024

11-Thu Alanon Meetings 10am Casa Pierson Spa Buena Vista  sheilafluf@yahoo.com
11-Thu Dinner music with Jeanette Grittani (Jeanetti Spaghetti) for Asado Night at Navegante Restaurant, Hotel Buenavista. 6 to 8pm. Reservations: 624-228-0165 restaurant@buenavistaresort.mx
12-Fri Vita’s Boutique – 10am to 3pm. Biggest sale of the year 30 % to 70% OFF vitaolenich@gmail.com
19-Fri Registration for the Dorado Shoot Out at Hotel Palmas De Cortez from 4pm-8pm. eddie@vanwormerresorts.com
20-Sat Dorado Shoot Out – Hotel Palmas de Cortez http://www.vanwormerresorts.com
21-Sun Full Buck Moon
25-Thu Registration for the Ladies Only Tournament will be at Hotel Palmas De Cortez from 5:30pm-7pm eddie@vanwormerresorts.com
26-Fri Day 1 of the Ladies Only Fishing Tournament at Hotel Palmas De Cortez. eddie@vanwormerresorts.com
27-Sat Day 2 of the Ladies Only Fishing Tournament at Hotel Palmas De Cortez. eddie@vanwormerresorts.com
30 to 8/3 Bisbee East Cape Off Shore
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