FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2024


5-Fri The Bookstore 9:00am to 11:00 am, we are loaded with good books and puzzles so come check things out. We are located in the Highway Storage Facility north of the Repsol station, directly across from the El Arco Hardware store. Questions: BajaJoanna@Gmail.com
5-Fri Kids movie night “Disney’s Brave” 3+yrs. old.  Wonderland for Kids.  reservations 624-110-5946
8-Mon Alanon Meetings 10am Casa Pierson Spa Buena Vista  sheilafluf@yahoo.com
11-Thu Alanon Meetings 10am Casa Pierson Spa Buena Vista  sheilafluf@yahoo.com
20-Sat Dorado Shoot Out – Hotel Palmas de Cortez http://www.vanwormerresorts.com
21-Sun Full Buck Moon
30 to 8/3 Bisbee East Cape Off Shore


      1. Alanon meetings continúe.  Mon. and Thursday at 10 am  Casa Pierson Spa Buena Vista.
    1.  blanK
  1. Need recommendation for dishwasher repair.  Cheryl  bajaduck@bajaduck.com
  2. Can anyone recommend a cataract surgeon?  kay.mundt@gmail.com
  3. New Rec Club for adults over 60 in Los Barriles! Starting July we offer three days a week: Crafts, physical exercise/stretching, Brain Gym exercises, board games, snacks and socialization. Our goal is to promote active, healthy aging among mexican and expat community. This is a bilingual and bicultural club! For more info on times, cost and membership benefits contact: info@EastCapeHomeHealth.com
  4. Hello everybody I’m the sausage lady i will come Saturday july 6 and delivery orders like german brats,smoked ham,bacon,german rye bread,home made mustard,lasagna and much more ask for the full menu at +526121204530 or email me see you!!
  5. EAST CAPE ANGLERS – If you like to fish, enjoy fun social events and want to connect with folks who are happy to share inside tips and techniques for fishing the East Cape consider joining our club.  We hold four marlin tournaments a year from Mother’s Day to early July. Our Mother’s Day tournament is a chance for our lady anglers to win special prices and claim bragging rights. You can participate as much or as casually as you like to.  You can join at any time. We invite you to learn more about the club: steve@craftresources.com
  6. Seeking Hobie cat 16 expert to help me re-assemble one catamaran from the best parts of two used ones (1988/89). Both disassembled and best pontoon reglassed by fiberglass expert. Many new parts purchased. Pay negotiable. Contact Lonn on WhatsApp (650-219-7764) or email, ltj65folly@gmail.com. Located in Las Tinas, beach cove 25 kilometers north of LB
  7. Baja Blooms Florist and Gift Store Got Fresh Flowers Last Night. We also received 6 more mens lightweight summer shirts! Open 11-3 Tuesday thru Saturday!! Summer Prices on All Flowers! Men’s Shirts are 700- 750 Pesos. If You Need Assistance during off hours, please feel free to call! I’ll meet you anytime at florist. +1469-777-0086. Bajablooms@gmail.com
  8. Vacationers to San Jose/Cabos-Do you need your own transportation? I can help. Accepting bookings for July/August. Good, older, reliable, affordable “burros” (vehicles) available. Pickup/dropoff /meet at SJD airport. Weekly, monthly rates includes MX. insurance. Privateer accepts USD/pesos cash. No waiting, lines, hassles, paperwork, hidden costs/fees/tax/timeshare bs. Must be 21 yrs. Sorry, No East Cape destinations.  Please, reply with dates and needs.
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