Business Name
  1. Agraz Dish TV Antenna Distributor Professional Installers, English Spokane, Wholesale & Retail, Do It YourSelfers Are Welcome,    Contact Roy   624-211-9064 or
  2. Grupo Tangelo SA de CV - Patrick Koch, 624-165-2984,
  3. Zeus Servicio Electronico - SJ - 624-142-578
  4. BajaSatPro.  Satellite, TV repair  624-100-6531  Marcelino
  5. Dawn Pier - 650-288-6646 or Skype: dawnpier
  6. BETTER THAN NETFLIX. US and Canada.  TRY IT FOR FREE! You just need an internet connection and a smart tv(or ROKU, firestick, Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation.) $10usd 1 month, $30usd 4 months, or $90usd for 1 year.  Pay if you like it!
  7. ProSatHDTV  Offering, HDTV Rental Receivers, LNB's, New Dish Antennas, Full Professional Installations, Cable, Alignments, Scheduled Antenna Removal & Reinstalls, Most Parts In Stock, Reserve your rental receiver early. 624-211-9064
  8. CaboSAT Satellite TV and Internet specialist Ph 624-129-8501 or 612 121 2345
  9. Cabo Stream TV, Internet TV available in LB.  * Works with Starlink Internet * * Live Internet TV HERE  Well established & most reliable INTERNET TV service.  Monthly subscription required includes free updates w/ friendly & patient tech support.  Stream TV with Internet. (100mb/sec required)
    Over 11,000 live TV Channels, Movies & TV Series,(VOD) & more. -