1. Chapitos - LB- 624-141-0202
  2. Los Barriles Community Market  141-0717 (Spanish speaking only)
  3. Oscar the Veggie Guy - 624-211-0505
  4. Joe's Deli.  Visit our well stocked Deli, and bakery, for a great variety of produce locally sourced and your favorite imports from the US and Canada.
  5. San Jose Organic Market
  6. Japanese Market La Paz -  16th of Sept. (1030) just past Primo Verdad on the left. Go slow, really hard to see and no sign outside. 612.122.5281  if you need help
  7. CBD Oil Los Barriles, BCS​. ​100% Natural 100% FECO Visit our FB page​
  8. SodaStream System- Wolf Management or or our US line (858) 222 3539 or Mex line (624) 124 8171
  9. J&J Carniceria in Buenavista right side of Highway One going towards the airport, just past Mar y Sol and just before Tienda Popular Buenavista. Steaks, chops, pork
  10. SodaStream System - Manuel - 624-253-8939 or
  11. Wine shop & tequila Bar -
  12. Home made Sicilian style Gelato. Low sugar, no flavor enhancers, no eggs, fresh fruits. Made to order. 500ml/1L Ask for flavors available. Whatsup +52 624 179 8400 -