1. Marcos - BV - Near old Pemex - Generac repairs- water pumps. Near the old Pemex 624-154-1556c
  2. Jose Elias Jayat Plata - 612-149-8873 612-149-8873
  3.   Oscar at Apple Tree Refrigeration can fix anything!!! Air conditioner units, Refrigerators, Fans, Washing Machine 624 - 227 - 5363
  4. Generac Cabo San Lucas. Authorized dealer.  624-129-6104
  5. Cummins de Baja will be on duty for any emergency call for any propane generator service, we still have propane generator in stock  at the phone 6121691764 ask for Jesus Felix. - GENERAC Generators by CaboGen
    - Authorized to distribute, install, repair, and upgrade in Baja Sur.
    - Offering free in home assessments for quotation.
    - English and Spanish speaking.
    +52 624 176 9354 Whatsapp, call, text. Buen dia/Have a good day! -
  6. Brownout Protection for your whole home with a ‘BSPS’ (Brownout/Surge Protection System). Our system protects your entire home from brownouts and surges that are common here.  Starting at 1400 dead electronics –  624-119-8096