- Chiropractors

Business Name
  1. Dr. Mary - LB - drmary@drmary.net US cell----970-275-3226

  2. Dr. Dennis O'Brien - Dr Dennis O'Brien, Chiropractor/Naturopath Located in YOGA GARDEN behind Laguna Park in LB densaidyes@aol.com, text 970-799-7068

  3. Dr. Bill Sniechowski - SJD - DrBill.Baja@yahoo.com 624 118-1603 (UPDATE: Dr Bill is now seeing patients at Blue Medical Group in Cabo San Lucas and La Cananda in Todos Santos. No San Jose.)

  4. Dr. Robert Smith - CS - 624-105-0746 (UPDATE: In Plaza Cota in Centro CSL, Only in the morning) LB 2nd Sat month

  5. Dr Doug Padden - CSL - 624-105-0746 ( Same office as Robert Smith, Plaza Cota in Centro CSL, Only in afternoon(4pm - 6:30pm)

  6. Dr Doug Padden - SJD -624 -127 -1898 (Plaza Las Palmas, Colonia Magisterial, M, W, F, 9am to 12noon)

  7. Dr Stanley Song - CSL 624-143-9597 ( Home office in Cabo Bello)

  8. Dr.Allan Laird Costa Azul  (UPDATE: No longer in Costa Azul, now in El Encanto in in Centro SJD)

  9. Chiropractic Care In Cabo – Dr Kevin McCaleb highly recommended! next to Radio Shack at Walmart in Cabo. Tell him you saw it online 624 688 6261 dkmbodybalance.com

  10. Physiotherapist  - Joel, seeing patients in Dr. Toledo's office. Highly recommended and very affordable professional service (only 400 pesos for one hour ).  2225473487