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24-Thu Thirsthy Thursday is Asado Night (Everything grill!) at Buena Vista Resort – Dinner 5:30-9 pm. Happy Hour 4-6 pm at Pescador Bar. RSVP 6242280165 – restaurant@buenavistaresort.mx
29-Tue Taco Tuesday at Navegante Restaurant in Buena Vista Resort, Dinner 5:30-9 pm. Happy Hour 4-6 pm at Pescador Bar. RSVP 6242280165 – restaurant@buenavistaresort.mx
30-Wed Full Blue Moon
30-Wed Sound Bath Event “Once in a Super Blue Moon” Playa Norte 6pm BPE# 4571 blissocean@gmail.com
30-Wed Every Wednesday. Club Rotario Los Barriles Cabo Este meeting @ Tico’s Restaurant. Hotel Palmas de Cortez. 8:30 am. Everyone welcome. http://www.losbarrilesrotaryclub.org.
31-Thu Thirsthy Thursday is Asado Night (Everything grill!) at Buena Vista Resort – Dinner 5:30-9 pm. Happy Hour 4-6 pm at Pescador Bar. RSVP 6242280165 – restaurant@buenavistaresort.mx

  1. Relaxed feet – Offers pedicurist professional services. *Nail trimming *Ingrown toenails *Nail channel and cuticle cleaning *Calluses removal *Treatment for athlete’s feet/toenail fungus *Relaxing massage *All the tools I use are properly sanitized and sterilized Service $500mx New location, we are in Don Antonio Verdugo, corner with mesquite, in front of the AACG blacksmith workshop or find us on Google maps as RELAXED FEET. from 9:30-11:30 and 1:30 -6pm Appointments 624.265.6790. (my directions… paved Delegracion Road between the Veggie Shack and the gym. Cheryl
  2. Sukhasana Studio with Tehroma: Please note we will take a little breather for the first two weeks of September. Classes with Tehroma, Jacquie & Perla will resume September 18th. Deborah will be back in the studio teaching her classes the first week of October. Wishing you all health, peace and happiness always! Love & Gratitude, https://www.ubldesigns.com/sukhasana-studio-los-barriles-bcs-mex
  3. (One of my favorite BPE contributors, Cheryl.) It’s been a while.  But, here are some things I thought most folks would like to bring south. It’s time to start planning for the fall trip to Baja. If you have Starlink or TelMex Fiberoptic, then you should have Cat 6 cable between the modem and the WiFi router. I would make sure your router is capable of speeds above 100 Mbps (Gigabit Router). You would think I would have known better but I had an old Cat 5 cable between the two; when I switched, my speed tripled. Remember the Starlink router has limited coverage. It’s best to plan on an Ethernet adapter and a WiFi router that is a mesh router. By all means have a Dash Cam in the front window. I recommend one that has GPS builtin. When the cop stops you in Baja, you can show your speeds and stops. I’ve had a laser printer for the past three years in Baja and it works flawlessly. I had many inkjets and the ink dries out over the summer and the printer heads clog. I use black and white Brother Laser printers. If you need color, well, the color in the inkjets are superior but at a cost. I recommend Apple AirTags on just about anything of value. They work really well to track anything that is attached. The AirTag communicates with any Iphone within Bluetooth range and send location info to the Apple mothership. That info is forwarded just to you. If you find and AirTag, bring it close to your Iphone and you will get contact info for the holder. thecomputerguy@usa.com
  4. Where would a person find the schedule for garbage pickup in the barrels last I saw it was supposed to be Sunday but that didn’t happen – sdohm1@gmail.com
  5. does anyone have a recent experience with ankle fusion surgery to share some of their results – tessabarriles@gmail.com
  6. Looking for a very economical rental for myself (possibly will have visitors during my stay). Dream place would be close if not on the beach, with a pool, separate bedroom from the living space, and with good wifi so I can work. Willing to bartend / waitress some of the time – or housekeeping (I clean very well). I would love the ability to rent for Jan / Feb – but may have work engagements that take me away for days at a time. Let me know if there is anything that sounds remotely possible above. Jacquie – aahilley@hotmail.com
  7. Your Fall Adventure Destination #1 – Snorkel Adventure and Wildlife Cruise – 5 days
    Special offer: We have 2 dbl cabin left on Oct. 5 – 9 (cruise only). Published price is $1995 USD. We are offering it at $1295 USD. That’s $700 off per person. Proceeds help support our research and wildlife programs. Phone: 1 778 351 1377
    Website link: https://panterra.com/expedition/journey-to-the-sea-of-cortez-7/
    Location: La Paz – info@panterra.com, There is also a journey #2. 10/4 to 10. Website link: https://panterra.com/expedition/journey-to-the-sea-of-cortez-7/
  8. Need a ceramic top for the water basin in a 1.6 gallon flush toilet.  Mine broke, toilet is otherwise fine. Anyone have an old one around I can get? I live in EL Cardonal.  Thx, Jeff – jefftweddale@gmail.com
  9. Trailer wanted for for my 10 foot inflatable boat. A single personal watercraft trailer would suit.  Only need to move it short distances inside SPA BV frac. Kraig – kraig@thechoppergallery.com
  10. Looking for a Kiln and/or potters wheel in the Los Barriles area… can fix it if it does not work – asherart98@gorge.net
  11. NOT WANTED: 1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK-230 Convertible Kompressor. 15,000usd.  96,315 miles. Great condition.   Custom interior. tjzalar@yahoo.com.  Serious requests only
  12. NOT WANTED: beautiful round ( heavy ) mesquite table and 4 chairs. rancholaventa1@me.com for info and photos
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