SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2021 – #9298

May be an image of text that says 'Solo 2da Dosis vs COVID 18 años y+ ENTREGA DE FICHAS 7:30 A.M. CANCHA DEL DIF Uso obligatorio de cubrebocas. LUNES 27 DE SEPTIEMBRE SOLO 2da DOSIS Traer comprobante 1era dosis. Traer Ilenado e impreso nuevo expediente de vacunación con tinta azul. Respeta la Sana Distancia. DELEGACIÓN BARRILES 18-2021 DIF LOBARRLS BIENESTAR ECRET S 1 BRIGADA Correcaminos #unidoshagamoscomunidad'

IMPORTANT NOTICE E. (Translated from FaceBook)

On Monday, September 27, the 2nd DOSE of the vaccination against Covid-19 will be carried out in Los Barriles to PEOPLE 18 YEARS OLD and OLDER. NOTE: NO people will be registered on vaccination days. It will be at the DIF Court starting the DELIVERY OF TOKENS AT 7:30 am



Fri-1 Bookstore 9:00-11am Hwy 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply- past the Repsol Station
Fri-15 Bookstore 9:00 to 11am Highway 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station
20-Wed Full Blood Moon
23-Sat Tuna Shoot-out – Van Wormer Resorts
31-Sun Daylight Saving Time Mexico. (US & Mex border towns November 7th)


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