SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2021 – #4297



Fri-1 Bookstore 9:00-11am Hwy 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply- past the Repsol Station
Fri-15 Bookstore 9:00 to 11am Highway 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station
20-Wed Full Blood Moon
23-Sat Tuna Shoot-out – Van Wormer Resorts
31-Sun Daylight Saving Time Mexico. (US & Mex border towns November 7th)


  1. Does anyone know if you can buy an air fryer at costco or LP, or in the area? freelife13@shaw.ca
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  3. This info is mainly for Hotmail and Yahoo users that are unable to receive the BPE in their inbox. (I hope!) Search “Whitelist for Hotmail?” or Yahoo or Gmail or……….follow the directions. Oh, the BPE email is: bpe@thebajaponyexpress.com this way your provider should always let the BPE email go through. This might solve some problems.

4. Beginning Oct 24 this year all calls in the US must include all ten digits. On that date, 988 will be reserved for the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Beginning soon this year and extending over the next year, the Cellular 3G network will begin to disappear in the US. Some older phones and services in cars that use the 3G network will no longer work. If your cell phone has a handcrank, it will no longer work.

This time of year there are many questions about cell service in Mexico and “will my cell phone work in Baja.” There are two major providers in Baja, TelCel and Telefonica, followed by ATT Mexico. All of these carriers have sharing contracts with the carriers in the US. Will your Verizon phone work in Baja, yes provided you have made arrangements before you leave the US.

As we get older, our hearing begins to lack the clarity that we once had. Even those folks who have good hearing may also benefit from a good soundbar. Over the past couple of years, the TV manufacturers have reduced the size of the bezel (plastic frame) around the TV. In order to do that, they have placed the speaker behind the TV. And, they don’t give us the best speakers possible. The content providers have begun to switch from the stereo format to forms of suround sound. They record the left and right channels as normal but they move the voices to the center channel. If you have the old stereo setup the voices will not be as clear. I highly recommend tht you purchase a 3.1, 5.1 or 7.1 system. The important number is the odd whole number. The .1 is the subwoofer. The 3.1 gives stereo with the center voice channel. The 5.1 adds the rear ambient sound and the 7.1 bounces sound off the ceiling so you can feel the helicopter hovering overhead. I have several sets of Vizio sound bars that are just great and economically priced.

5. East Capers Magazine is getting ready to put together the issue for October 15th.  We know there was a disruption to the regular work load due to the hurricane, so we are extending the deadline for submission of articles or ads to September 30th.  Don’t miss your chance to advertise, and for all our great writers, get the keyboard going and tell us of your adventures – including the latest hurricane.  Remember, September 30th is the deadline.  If you want an ad or will submit an article, please let us know so we can reserve space!   Email to   eastcapersmagazine@gmail.com 

6. Feeding the Hungry COVID-19 Program. During the summer of 2021, with your generous donations through Leaders2give.org, Feeding the Hungry has assisted 80 local families with food vouchers from Chapitos.  These families are from San Bartolo, Los Barriles, El Cardonal, Buena Vista, El Coro, Campamento, Santa Cruz, and La Ribera, and have either been sick with COVID-19, or been out of work due to COVID related issues.  We haven’t received any requests for assistance from Santiago but are very willing to help.  If you know of a person or family in any of these areas who is ill with COVID, and needs help with food, or other necessities available at Chapitos, please call 624-141-0339.  The person who answers speaks Spanish and English.  If she doesn’t answer, please leave a message with your name and phone number so she can return your call.  Thank you very much. – purkeybh@gmail.com

This is your chance to enjoy one of the most amazing Expeditions. Only for real ocean and Adventure lovers. The Marlin run is a great opportunity to swim with this amazing animals during the feeding frenzy in this you may be able to see not just Marlin also, sharks, sea lions and other pelagic marine life. Make your reservation for this amazing Experience. This is an all inclusive 3 days expedition for 985usd. See details on our website https://www.krakendivers.com/marlinmigration

8. Does anybody have a recommendation on which insurance company to use for our RV in Mexico? – jwits2981@yahoo.com

9. does verizon cell service work in los barriles? – dboe7707@gmail.com

10. Tuesday • September 21st –1st Anniversary!! Are you ready? We want to Celebrate with you!!! Buenavista & Barriles Community , you make us your favorite place. Mango Margaritas & Tequila!! Live Music !! Starts 4 pm – The Most Delicious Menu Happy Hour•2 x 1• 4 to 7 pm Reservation required Call 624-1650347 Limited Seating Please wear your mask

11. Rental wanted:  1- or 2-bedroom house or casita with garage/storage for long-term rental starting mid-November.  Buena Vista, Los Barriles.  Pet-friendly.  Contact:  pminexile@protonmail.com

12. wanted – apt. studio or casita for our caregiver to rent, as close to Buenos Aires as possible; he’s quiet, clean, non smoker. references galore. acmunson24@gmail.com 

13. Rental Wanted: ne bedroom casita in Los Barriles for nov –  mar for responsible seniors – mkmiard@shaw.ca

14. Rental Wanted: This is Marilyn from Salmon Arm British Columbia.  Single, mature quiet person seeking  a very simple self contained suite to rent from Mid November to end of March. Email- eaglelakeranch@hotmail.com 

15. Rental Wanted: In search of a rental for my son and daughter-in-law that are visiting from Hawaii, arriving November 18th and departing on December 3rd.  Susan – sballier@live.com

16. Looking for a cheap car for 10-28 to 11/3 just to drive around town – reneewelch6942@gmail.com

17. Are you towing a partly empty trailer to or through California in maybe January or February? We’d like to send some of our things up with you. We will share expenses. Interested? Let’s talk. Jennifer alighton (at) me [dot] com

18. Sometime this winter, maybe January? we will be ready to ship some of our stuff north. We are looking for someone who already plans to be towing a trailer to or through the San Francisco Bay Area in California who can include our stuff with theirs. We would help with expenses, how much would depend on the situation. Interested? Let’s talk. Jennifer alighton (at) me (dot) com

19. San Jose Park N Fly offers you the best airport parking rate! Only $5 USD per day for uncovered & $7 USD per day for covered parking! Give us a try on your next trip. Open 24/7/365 Free Airport Shuttle Online Payments
Completely gated facility – (624)104-1915 nfo@sjparknfly.com sjparknfly.com

20. Need “taxi” service……go to the Directory above and search “taxi”. I’m trying to limit ads on the BPE and have you use the directory. Sound good? Cheryl Note to advertisers……..check your listing in the Directory and be sure it’s accurate.

21. Paint, waterproofing, building, remodel, pergolas, maintenance and handy man. sergio elizondo 624 132 7725

22. Wind Stuff: 4m ozone wasp 450 foils. 9m cabrinha drifter 350 jibes. In us now , can ship. In baja mid oct – bresski55@yahoo.com

23. Wind stuff: Wing Foiling Complete Package. JL FoilBoard, 4 wing Quiver or F-ONE Strikes, and two Axis Foil  setups with 2 sets of foil wings each. Please contact me and I will reply with a detailed fact sheet. – cvchandler@gmail.com

24. Rental Wanted: 3 month rental. In LB 2 bedroom. Nov-January – crow.discobay@gmail.com

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