Sunday, October 3, 2021 – #4299

Sad News: Sylvia Ossa, everyone’s favorite reflexology practitioner, went to join the angels, September 23, 2021 at her home in Sedona, AZ after suffering a stroke.
She was entertaining and described herself on FB as:
•       “I’ve always been crazy, its kept me from going insane!” …. The Eagles
•       “Our first teacher is our own heart”….. Cheyenne Words
•       “Love is all there is” ….The Beatles
She was a gifted reflexology practitioner and worked in the Baja since about 2006.  Her life was full of adventure, and she lived many different lives in her time on the earth.   She loved coming to Los Barriles and loved her furry children…. her two dogs.  She will be missed by her friends and clients – most of whom became her friends. She is now so soaring with the angels and loving the freedom!!!




  1. This is Sunday……..Trash today?
  2. Wingfoiling is coming to Baja!! www.velabaja.com
  3. Hola amigos! this is Priscilla from Cafe Maria. Are you looking for a vacation rental manager? Let’s talk! contact me at priscilla@losbarriles.life – priscilla@losbarriles.life
  4. I’ll be heading to LB from So. Lake Tahoe 11/7 and am happy to bring down any thing you’ll need!! – estesea@pacbell.net
  5. We currently have ATT and wondering if Verizon is in Los Barriles/ San Jose area. How good is the service area? – chrisksales@gmail.com
  6. Has anybody tried the new garbage pickup company? Steve – stevemirassou@gmail.com
  7. dropped my HP notebook laptop, anyone have a computer repair referral? – fidafy@yahoo.com
  8. Dr Roberto Lopez Konschot – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will be at the East Cape Health Center next October 13th. His years of training highlights his expertise in esthetic facial procedures and removal of suspicious facial lesions, breast reconstruction, Abdominoplasty, Liposuction body sculping, and burn reconstruction. Call us at 624 124 8203 for appointments. – eastcapemedical@gmail.com
  9. MARLIN RUN OCTOBER 15- 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE- 3 DAYS EXPEDITION – FEEDING FRENZY BOOK NOW. This is your chance to enjoy one of the most amazing Expeditions. Only for real ocean and Adventure lovers. The Marlin run is a great opportunity to swim with this amazing animals during the feeding frenzy in this you may be able to see not just Marlin also, sharks, sea lions and other pelagic marine life. Make your reservation for this amazing Experience. This is an all inclusive 3 days expedition. See details on our website www.krakendivers.com/marlinmigration 985 usd per person.
  10. Freediving Instructor Maria Teresa Solomons will be providing training sessions in Los Barriles for certified free divers only! Training session dates are on Oct 9, 10 and 11. More info at arydmo@gmail.com Only 2 spots available! 
  11. What is the best way to get furniture and/or mattresses delivered/moved from Cabo to Los Barrilles if you buy from a big box store li. ke Wal-Mart or Costco?  Are there local movers for hire?  Do you rent a truck for the day?  What are the Baja best practices on this subject?  Thank you – tahoe.cory@gmail.com
  12. Driving down to Los Barriles soon…what is the difference in terms of travel time and safety between taking highway 5 through San Felipe versus highway 1 through Ensenada/San Quentin? Saludos – colfaxdavid@gmail.com
  13. can anyone tell me where to go to buy a 500 or 1000 litter propane tank in or near Los Barriles? – bobswiatek@yahoo.com
  14. We at Aeroburro are looking for JANISE R RINALDI, We  have received mail for you but  have no information on you. Please come to to our office at Plum Loco, or  Call us at 624-141-0520 www.aeroburro.com 
  15. Know of a good upholstery cleaner? pattimo@vom.com
  16. I am moving to LB Nov.1rst. Is there any tennis at all? I am a solid player and really hope to find someone for singles or doubles. I did buy a pickleball racquet just in case. Please let me know. Thanks – debrasmolkin@gmail.com
  17. piedra angular church will star services october 3 11am every sunday monday prayer 7.00pm thursday services 7pm. vcabo2002@msn.com spanish behind repsol gas station everybody is  welcome 
  18. need someone to wire a marine alternator on my boat. boat is in the water at marina. – ddshada@aol.com
  19. Wanted: atv in good condition something on the smaller side preferred – konajetski@gmail.com
  20. Looking for a nanny/babysitter for 4 days in December 20-24. Must be Covid vaccinated! Spanish speaking is fine. Day availability. I have two daughters, ages 4 and 7. – akennedy@santaritaschools.org
  21. Looking for a Suburban vehicle to purchase. Thanks!! – hansonmphoto@gmail.com
  22. Needed! marine electrocution to fix electrical issues on my boat. diesel motor with new alternator that didn’t work . when I try to fix I end up with more problems than I started with. call Dan at 624-141-0767 or e-mail @ ddshada@aol.com 
  23. Wanted: Jeep Wrangler 4×4 6 cyl in good shape. – kochucove@yahoo.com
  24. Note: Yes, I’m behind and I’ll play catch-up the next couple of days. San Diego was great and we both got a clean bill of health from our doctors. Now we’re ready for the 2021/2022 Season! Cheryl

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