How to recover a lost passport (3-19-19)

I recently had my Passport and Visa stolen and can tell you the easiest way to handle the situation:
First try to backtrack and call or visit all the places you might have experienced your loss. Find any copies you may have of passports, id’s, birth certificates..
Terminal 2 at SJD airport has a customer service number that is very helpful. 624-146-5111
I asked to speak English and was connected to a bilingual agent. First I asked if my passport/visa had turned up as there is a lost and found at this location the day before. I was asked to hold and that it may take time, it took about 4 minutes for the agent to check around. Next I asked him to check with Immigration; they were too busy (now that all planes seem to arrive simultaneously) and I was asked to call them back the next day. Be sure to mention your name and that it’s a US Passport.
Meanwhile I was given the number for the US Consulate Service Center 52-624-143-3566 which is in Tijuana.This number has the information you need in regards to which consulate you should go to and when their office is open, they also speak perfect English. Based on your situation, they will tell you how to proceed.
FYI, the US Consulate at the Palmilla mall, (the exit sneaks up on you across the hwy from the hotel) is downstairs and is only open ONE WEEK PER MONTH at this time. You will be told when they are open, I suggest taking the toll road, it’s way faster. If it’s an emergency passport you want: as in the case of maybe having to leave before scheduled departure day for family care, request that!
If you want to get your passport that week, come in ASAP! You should come prepared with all the forms filled out, new PP pix, photo copy of your passport if at all possible, payment (mine was 145.00USD), picture ID, birth certificate copy if you have one…
Visit site : to get info and download forms to bring in filled out. Forms ask all the same questions you filled out with your first PP application so try to get it all completed but don’t worry if you can’t remember the birth date of someone you were with 20 years ago! The consulate personnel have all your info (ie: how many passports you’ve ever had, where you have lived..) so be on the ball, if you’ve lost a passport in the past you may have trouble.
There is a small photo shop that takes pp photos just north of one of the highway pedestrian overpasses in SJD on the left side driving south, right across the hwy from a well known men’s club with a big sign reading “MINERVA’S”, so I was told.. I had gone to another place up the hill that answered the phone (computer search) but it never opened, so kind Mexican family redirected the gringa to the man’s other store. Be SURE to give the exact measurements to him as stated on the pp application you printed out, bring a ruler with inches printed on it vs metric! That cost 100 pesos and took about 1/2 hour depending on if a girl in a gown is ahead of you and needs many pictures taken.
I had not made an appointment  at the Consulate because the service center said I didn’t need to, the line moved fast even on a Monday and in 15 minutes I spoke to one of several agents behind the glass; he processed everything and because I needed an emergency pp, I was able to return on Friday to get it, wow!  It was processed in Tijuana and mailed back, non-emergency pp’s may take several weeks.
No way to try and change this system, it works well and the agents everywhere are very sympathetic. Once you report your PP lost or stolen, it will be invalid so I hesitated to do that on line, thinking it might show up. The consulate in Cabo at Palmilla Mall  filled out the correct info for me,they are awesome, I still don’t know what happened to my documents..
The new passport is temporary, apply for your new one with the paperwork the consulate gives you ASAP and you won’t have to pay again if within 3 months. The passport is marked differently so you may be asked questions about what happened, I said “stolen”.
VISA: My visa was with my pp so I needed a new one to fly out. I went to terminal 2 (flew in on AK) migration desk in the arrival area and waited in line to get a new one. The agent said I should return on my flight date but I said no thank you,  so she gave it to me (558 pesos) with the understanding it could only be used to exit at SJD. No problem.
I was lucky, the US Consulate Office was open the week I needed them, good luck, see you next year!