1. Caleb's - LB   624-141-0531
  2. Fine Confectionary; Helen Ayala 624 124 8091, 612 151 2888 c,
  3. Joe's Deli.  Visit our well stocked Deli, and bakery, for a great variety of produce locally sourced and your favorite imports from the US and Canada.
  4. Pan D'Les/ Theo Breadguy - LP - Madero/5deCinco 612-122-5229  Carlos Guzman
  5.  Sweet Gula Pasteleria  Homemade.  20 de Noviembre SN  624-182-6109
  6. Millies Kitchen:  Toffie blondies, lemon meringue, macaroons , holiday pies and more available by ordering
  7. SUGAR CRUSH BAKERY   Delicious homemade custom bakes and cakes. -
  8. Mango Bakery: We are an online bakery. We do not have a shop. We take orders with 48hs in advance and deliver during the week.  And every Saturday we are at the market in Laguna Park.
    WhatsApp +52 984 215 9395