A. Two not so good notices. I copied the text from the Everything Los Barriles FB page from the Mayor of LB. Posted today 7/14/21.

I am so sorry to inform you that the positive cases of #COVID in our Delegacion de Los Barriles continue to increase.This morning from 8 people who came to take the test, 6 of them tested positive.This could be because we already have the delta variant that is more contagious … it is very important to get vaccinated, continue with the constant use of the mask, hand washing and mainly the healthy distance . #Unidoshagamoscomunidad by being in solidarity with those who are dealing with this situation. If you are a tourist or temporary resident, you must RESPECT the rules and cautions , avoid conglomerations, use mask, help our community to avoid the shut down again.🤜🏾🤛🏾

b. This is from Todos Santos Journal del Pacificio. Follow the link then double click on the photos. No, I have no way of verifyling this but I am leaning on the side of “Better to know than not to know”. https://www.facebook.com/groups/todossantosnewsfeed/permalink/3990484844412862/

THE END…………………….