WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 2021 – 4277

East Cape Health Center Announcement: Just to inform you that unfortunate as it is we are on limited hours and services until Monday 19 July. We continue with Medical Services 8-2 Dental services normal hours Physical Therapy and pharmacy continue the same hours.  All other aspects of services are undergoing implementation of the new testing devices, upgraded guidelines and procedures. As Health Standards improve in 2021, we appreciate the opportunity to be within full compliance. Scheduled to open with full services July 19th 8am-5pm. Thank you for your understanding,Char and East Cape Health Center Team. clinic 624-124-8203 Char 624-157-0081  Char: charlene.wenger@gmail.com / 624-157-0081



15-Thu Dorado Shoot-Out Registration at Hotel Palmas de Cortez
16-Fri Bookstore 9:00 to 11am Highway 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station – Bajajoanna@gmail.com
16-Frin Dorado Shoot Out-Registration at Hotel Palmas de Cortez
17-Sat Dorado Shoot Out – Van Wormer Resorts-Palmas de Cortez
23-Fri Full Buck Moon


  1. The Dorado Shoot Out will go on as planned on Saturday, July 17th. Registration will take place on Thursday and Friday at Hotel Palmas De Cortez from 4pm-8pm.  Only one person per team will be allowed into the conference room and masks are required.  There will not be an awards dinner as per COVID tournament guidelines.  Please try to register on Thursday if possible as Friday will be much busier.  
  2. Gary Graham: https://bajabytes.com/2021/07/13/sardina-die-off/
  3. “Zopilotes” Ice Cream Shop in San Bartolo is Open for Delivery Only. Delivery to LB Weekly. Order now while supplies last! For list of flavours available and delivery info, Contact: zopilotes.sb@gmail.com Phone/Text/WhatsApp: 612 134 1002. Like us on Facebook: zopis.sanbartolo
  4. If someone has an urgent need for blood, the fastest way to get help is the BPE. Mexico does not have a blood bank. Patients need to find donors themselves, and the requirements in Mexico are arcane. Char and I have developed a method to help donors be accepted, and we coach donors before they go. If anyone out there would like to be a donor, please contact me, and I’ll add you to my life-saving list. Thank you!  kay.mundt@gmail.com
  5. The Bookstore has received many books on CD recently. Contact Joanna at What’s App. 415 351 8606 to check out the CDs. A deal at 30 reads each. – bajajoanna@gmail.com
  6. Private residential weekly trash collection. Visit our website for more information www.eastcapewaste.com 
  7. Baja Blooms Opened For Summer Now!!! We Had To Take A Little Break To Visit Our Families Etc..We are Sorry For Any Inconvenience!!! Summer Hours Are 12-4pm Mon-Sat. We’d Love To See You and Help You With Any of Your Floral Needs!!! We Are Only Offering Flowers That Can Survive This Heat!  Bajablooms@gmail.com
  8. Wanted:  1 preferably 2 wide mouth one pint mason jars i could buy?  i just broke my last one!  tessabarriles@gmail.com 
  9. Wanted: I am looking to buy or rent an enclosed trailer.estoy buscando comprar o alquilar un remolque cerrado. – carrollemail@aol.com
  10. The beauty of the Baja runs deeper than its Geography and is home to a warm and embracing Mexican culture that places its highest values on family and community. The Beautiful Spanish language is the glue that binds families and community and can be your passport to a deeper appreciation and connection to the Mexican community. Enhance your language skills and integrate into the wonderful local culture. Spanish Paulina offers unique individual and Zoom lessons, that are interactive and fun. Step through the door of the Spanish language and become part of our special community. – spbaja5@gmail.com
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