1. Master organizer, with references, available to help you declutter and reorganize. Whether you need more space, need to rid your closets of stuff, are expecting guests or just need a refresh, I will come to your home for a free estimate. Baja prices. -
  1. Dalia - Steam Cleaning - LB - cell phone is 624-175-2216.
  2. Steam Cleaning, Carpet, Upholstery, Pets - LB - 624-141-0171
  3. Large objects from yard - Manuel Ochoa at Yonke Meller, BV --- 624-151-7172 (cell) Spanish spoken only
  4. Master Klean - Hydro steam or
  5. Isabel Flores, Full service housecleaning. Cell: 624-156-9425 or email:
  6. Emmanuel Velazquez  "Manny"– Upholstery Cleaning – Residencial & Commercial: Auto, Boat, Carpet, Sofa, Mattress. – 624-178-4936 – La Rivera –
  7. Windows! RLS Services in the East Cape Contact us for all your window cleaning needs. (624) 129-6941
  8. Spring cleaning in Winter!?! Master organizer to the rescue.   I will come to your home for a free estimate. -
  9.  SALTILLO TILES RESTORED? Call or email us for a FREE sample. How we do it? On our knees one by one. . 6241784936 -
  10. Baja Cleaning Crew Servicing; Los Barriles, Buena Vista, La Ribera, La Capilla, Punta Pescadero, El Cardonal, Lighthouse Point and Rancho Leonero. Call or email today for a no obligation estimate. 907-315-9967 or