10-Wed Artist Studio Tour 10am – 4 pm eastcapersmagazine@gmail.com
13-Sat “Love Letters” A reading. Yoga Garden 6:30 bajacamilla@yahoo.com #4203
14-Sun Bay View Wine Pairing Dinner http://bit.ly/2MqAJRm losbarrileswine@gmail.com
14-Sun “Love Letters” A reading. Yoga Garden 6:30 bajacamilla@yahoo.com #4203
16-Tue Mardi Gras/Carnival
19-Fri The Bookstore 9-11 noon. HighwayOneStorage – Across from El Arco Electrical, past Resol Gas, North of L.B. on the Right
19-Fri Wine Pairing Dinner with Chef Crystal at Wine Bar http://bit.ly/3aQdkS7 – losbarrileswine@gmail.com BPE#4206


  1.  Men’s vest: navy blue, puffy. Blew out of quad on the beach Friday between Exotikite and Dante’s. 509.637.0901 – bswanhuyser@gmail.com


  1.  Times are difficult and the Halcones can use a hand distributing donated ambulance/ medical and fire department gear down into and around Baja. If you think you can help your community by carrying a duffle bag or two, we’d appreciate the help! please contact: Davehondo@me.com schoutenandy@gmail.com Info@halconesdeldesierto.org Thank you, Andy -San Diego -cache and Antonio -El Rosario -cache and -Chico, CA
  2. Thanks for the many suggestions on how to get rid of bats on the casa. In the end I tried numerous things including the Cleanrth Uktrasonic machine emitting a frequency they don’t like. This machine “may” have helped but still some bats were not deterred. Maybe due to the time of year but mostly now they are gone probably a combo of many suggestions. No bats were harmed in the making of this notice!! – scott@scotthedrick.com
  3. Vaccination Information…..( from Centro de Salud)Bienestar: the federal government Health entity in charge of vaccination management has a representative now in Los Barriles and East Cape area and is asking anyone over 60 to register to get the COVID Vaccine. If you have a CURP number ( Citizens, Permanent Residents) address, phone and email you can register. I registered my Mother – had trouble at first on my phone but did it on my computer. Here is link….
    https://mivacuna.salud.gob.mx/index.php The representative hopes we can help anyone who has trouble with on-line sign up…and seeks volunteers to help the roll out. Please help your neighbors, friends and local citizens to make sure they get registered. Lets help our whole community! If you are interested in volunteering, send me message  leighanne292@gmail.com 


  1.  Best place to buy or order ATV tires?  Reasonably priced.  patmac1959@hotmail.com


  1.  LOVE LETTERS: a safe, physically distanced (but socially inviting!) reading of A.R. Gurney’s full length play at Yoga Garden.Feb. 13th and 14th (Camilla Ford, Ron Heinen, Kim Scholefield, John Herschleb).A Benefit for The Guild Scholarship Fund and Baja Shakespeare.Show starts at 6:30pm. 500 pesos per person.  Limited tickets available, email Jackie Reeves for reservations. All COVID protocols will be enforced.  Seats will be spaced at least 6 feet apart  outside in the patio area, masks must be worn.  Temperatures taken and hand sanitizer will be available. Keep arts and education alive! – 

    This play spans nearly 50 years of letters between two “lovers” in which they share their hopes and dreams, victories and defeats. One description states: “It brings genuine tenderness to its dual portrait of two New England blue bloods whose lack of courage is a wedge between them. And in this age of tweets and texts and superficial social media connections, in which correspondence has become a quaint relic of a gentler time, this elegant drama takes on added resonance.”Some of the past big name actors who have read this play are: Ali McGraw and Ryan O’neal, Brian Dennehy and Mia Farrow, Elizabeth Taylor and James Earl Jones and many more. It is a beautiful play and PERFECT for Valentines’ Day! bajacamilla@yahoo.com
  2. Fri, Feb 19, 6pm —  WINE PAIRING DINNER with Crystal Martinez aka ‘Chef Crystal of El Pirata’ who is taking the Los Barriles culinary scene to a whole new level specializing in delicate seafood dishes, This dinner will feature premium wines from international award winning winery Don Leo, Valle de Parras, México. $1400 pesos.  View the menu & get more info here: http://bit.ly/3aQdkS7 Seating limited to 24. Reserve your physically distanced, outdoor table today: losbarrileswine@gmail.com
ARTIST TOUR – Wed the 10th-Buy your tickets at Homes and Land on Wednesday.

The Artist’s Studio Tour is happening this Wednesday from 10:00 – 4:00.  We have a great Raffle Basket this year with a retail value of over $1,100 usd.  Tickets for this raffle will be available at several of the stops on the tour Wednesday.  Don’t forget your Mask!!

Tour Tickets & Map available at Baja Properties on Wednesday morning starting at 9:30. 
$100 mxn or $5 usd.

We would like to thank all of these awesome supporters:
Way Cool Clothing
Kelly King Jewelry
Julie Shipman Photography
Cazz Creations
Victoria’s Sunny Dresses
MacRae Wylde
Apron Lady – Chris Courtright
Steven King
Liz Pudwell
Turtle Cool Creations
Colin Harivel
Christene Comstock
Rancho La Venta
Gap Arts Company
Allan Design Shop
108 Mala Project
Maxico Restaurant
Caleb’s Café
Aloe Spa
Los Barriles Nursery
El Toro y La Luna
Spa Vita
Baja Blooms
La Casita Restaurant
Triny’s Campestre Restaurant
Los Barriles Grill
Horseback Riding with Betto
CanDoo ATV Rentals
Tres Palapa Pickleball Courts
Joes Delimart
Café Marias Restaurant
Curios El Milagro
Suzies Consignment – bajaplaya53@gmail.com

  1.  Artist Studio Tour #10 Seddon Wylde’s Palapa will feature works (ponchos, table mats, bags) by the San Antonio Weavers as well as a small book about San Antonio and them. Profits from the book will help the weavers buy more yarn. Also Xoichtl will have her Prints. – srwweaves@gmail.com
  2. I will be showing my oil paintings at #3 location, at Elizabeth Perkins’s.hope to see you there…Liz Pudwill
  3. Artist tour! Please visit my studio on February 10th. I’m #8 on the tour. I paint in different mediums including acrylics, pastels and some watercolors. Connie Heinen – permsolutions@aol.com
  4. 11 inside East Cape RV Resort – Allan Design Shop – features coastal living designs. 108 Mala Project – focuses on handmade meditation jewelry made from the finest ethically sourced woods, stones and crystals. And Gap Arts Co. which produces tropical inspired one of a kind pieces. – alohagreg@sbcglobal.net
  5. Please support the festival of the arts and buy a ticket to the open studio tour. sculpture in steel, stone, and sand will be at tour stop #5. macrae wylde – macraewylde@icloud.com
  6. Come to the Asociacion de Artes Art Tour ! ! Jeff Heintzman is participating again this year and will be #1 on the tour, showing a variety of subject matter- cows goats waves people – anything to do with interesting LIGHT. TICKETS available at Baja Properties on Feb 10th- the day of the event.Jeff will be donating a portion of any sale to the asociacion to help with their good work.Go to Everything Los Barriles to see examples of his work… – jeff@jeffheintzman.com
  7. Photographer julie shipman will be showing and selling photographic metal prints taken in Mexico, as well as greeting cards. As a bonus, she will bring her camera gear to answer photography questions and do a complimentary headshot for all guests, delivered digitally by email after the show. visit her at stop 9 with christene comstock and her mosaic tile displays. – julie@julieshipman.com
  8. 10th of February, 10am to 4pm Art Studio Tour and Victoria’s Sunny Dresses and Kelly Jewelry #2 on the map. Come to see our new collections of beautiful design clothes and jewelry and have fun. Masks are required, you can also buy handmade masks and beautiful masks holders here. We will ask you to keep social distance and use hand sanitizers. – victoria.sunnydresses@gmail.com
  9. Everything Turtles & more! Stop #3, Elizabeth Perkins home. Join us for a fun day shopping for some new & unique turtlely cool hand crafted items. See you there, Kareema Jones – kjrjones2007@gmail.com
  10. Visit #11 at Baja’s Resort at East Cape to see 3 unique art exhibits on the art association tour Feb 10. Allan Design Shop featuring Coastal living designs. 108 Mala Project- Featuring handmade meditation jewelry. And GAP Arts Co. featuring Flow Art. We use Flow Art to paint on our handmade created canvases inspired by tropical sea life. We finish our works with resin to make them long lasting, one of a kind pieces. Masks will of course be required. Please park IN SIDE the gates near entrance. PLEASE refrain from touring other areas of the park.
  11. The Hill We Climb, a poem by Amanda Gorman transcribed on a steel column. Come see it at the Open studio tour studio # 5. See preview photos on Instagram search macraewylde. Feb 10 – macraewylde@icloud.com
  12. Artist Studio Tour Stop Number 4 is the Apron Lady with her sewn items- new fabrics and products too, Los Barriles Chocolate Shop and the delicious chocolates in time for Valentines and Rancho La Venta and their wine, ranch products and soap. Let us help you get your Valentines shopping done – you loved ones or yourself!!!


  1.  Wanted: 5th wheel trailer. Minimum 34 feet and 3 slides. colleenfeliz@gmail.com
  2. Wanted: Curling weights.. trying to get back what I’ve lost after 2 back surgery’s. Mike at: 9thinc@gmail.com
  3. My wife is looking for an older wood surfboard to paint and hang in our guest room. – ericberry62@gmail.com


  1.  Caleb’s Cafe will be open Sunday 7th 7:30am -2:00pm!We look forward to serving you a meal! vic – calebscafe@gmail.com
  2. Simply…freshly made food in Los Barriles for you to enjoy at home. Spoil yourself this week with my indulgent beef lasagna and everyone’s favourite falafels. * Indulgent beef lasagna made with rich Bolognese slow cooked in red wine * Falafels – Middle Eastern herby chickpea patties * Orders will be ready for collection in town on Wednesday 10th February.  Don’t forget you can also pick up something heart warningly Simply Soup-er from La Pitahaya.   For more info and to place email: simplylosbarriles@gmail.com  or find me on Facebook @simplylosbarriles 
  3. This year Cafe Maria’s Valentine Special is better than last year’s ! Enjoy a juicy new york kabob, grilled shrimps with Maria’s original butter & garlic sauce, caesar salad and a baked potato … Special price of $290 pesos if you place your orders before Feb 10th. Contact me at pris.cafemaria@gmail.com or call me at 6121586762 / 6241410511
  4. Valentine’s Day is coming soon.  Bring your sweetie to Villa Del Faro for a sumptuous dinner.  Appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert. Plus a Valentine’s Day glass of champagne.  We are looking forward to seeing you, here on the East Cape. $45 per person. By reservation only. Villadelfaro.net – rental@villadelfaro.net
  5. Taco Tuesday • from 4 to 10 pm Happy Hour 4 to 6 pm. For Reservations or Takeout orders. Call: 6241650347 RSVP Is required, Outdoor limited sitting. Remember drive down to our parking lot near the beach. – RSVP Required , Limited outdoor sitting – At Buena Vista Resort – (for us locals—Spa Buenavista Hotel)
  6. Thirsty Thursday• 4 to 9pm – Happy Hour 4 to 6 pm – Domestic Drinks $80 pesos – Beer $40 pesos – From 4 to 6 pm – •For Reservations or Takeout orders – Call: 6241650347 Remember drive down to our parking lot near the beach. – RSVP Required , Limited outdoor sitting – At Buena Vista Resort – (for us locals—Spa Buenavista Hotel)


  1.  DENTAL HEALTH CARE FULL TIME NOW AT CENTRO DE SALUD!Thank you for all the donations that helped get the dental program at Centro de Salud off the ground ( White building next to arena).  We had a rotating dentist but now a full time dentist assigned by the government, since we have the equipment.  The cost for basic care is 250 pesos but may be free if you are a Permanent Resident with a CURP number.  For an appointment you can just walk in!  See reception – leighanne292@gmail.com


  1.  Wanted. Impact vests. Men’s L or XL and Women’s S or M. – sturgeonmouth@gmail.com
  2. Brand new, still in package kiteboard/wing board reel leash by Oceanus.  $55 jumps. – glenmilner@telus.net
  3. Written 2/6/21: ExotiKite Kiteboarding Wind Report | 1/31-2/7 | Winds continued into early week after a strong northerly push on Sunday the 31st.  Wednesday/Thursday the winds dropped and we stayed on dry land mountain biking and hiking!  Friday/Saturday brought gusts into the high 20’s and nice waves.  Next week is forecasted to be flat starting Monday for at least 4 days.  Break out your fishing and snorkeling gear or rent a paddle-board or take a jet ski foil lesson from us!  Contact to reserve today +1 541 380 0948 • info@exotikite.com 
  4. 15m Cabrinha, Contra in excellent condition with bar, 800 wind –gaborvagi@gmail.com
  5. 2016 north rebel kites9m, 7m, with 2 bars/lines. 250 limes each or 400 for both. – justinritts@hotmail.com
  6. 2 old Cabrinha Switchblade kites (2010), 10m and 14m, with 2 bars. Seem to be holding air. $300 –  all proceeds will go to East Cape Arts for local kids maxg@infowest.com


Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing
  1.  Baja Blooms your Hot Pink Florist in LB is Preparing for Valentines Weekend. ..We Have a Set Valentines Menu With 6 Options!!  We  Strongly  Recommend You To Pre-order and Pre-Pay For Any Menu Item You May Want for Friend , Family , Or Lover.. Before the 9th!!! We are  Scheduling Pickup Times For the 12th, 13th and 14th!!!! We Want To Accommodate All Customers That Want to Order For Valentines!! We Look Forward To Making Fabulous Unique Rose/ Flower Arrangements!!!! Thank You So Much!! We Appreciate You!!! – Bajablooms@gmail.com
  2. Los Barriles Chocolate Shop Valentine Specials! Show your loved one how much you care with the original Chocolates from  Los Barriles Chocolate Shop Roses and chocolates or chocolate dipped strawberries are available for Valentines Day! – But only by special order.  12 assorted chocolates + 6 roses    $ 220 pesos     OR  12 chocolate dipped strawberries + 6 roses equal   $ 220 pesos Deadline for ordering specials is Saturday, February 13th at 10amWe will have boxes of chocolates available at the Artist Studio on Wed at stop #4, where you can place your special order and we will be at the Saturday Market in LB on Saturday the 13th.     15 chocolate flavors to choose from! Contact Sonia at 624-121-9252 text, call or whatsapp or email lbchocolateshop@gmail.com
  3. Spa Vida’s February promos: New Mojito pedicure includes a fresh mojito made by Nancy for $28 US. New Lavender Facial, it includes a free citrus gel sanitizing for 65 US. 60 min Couples Massage includes 2 wine glasses and chocolates for $120 US.  We also have gift certificates available starting at 15 usd. The Spa will be open on Valentine’s Day, book your appointments at spavidalosbarriles@gmail.com or call us at 624 141 0834.


THREE LINE LIMIT – Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.
  1.  2015 Ford F-150 XLT Super-cab 4X4. 105000 kilometres 22000 bones https://bajasur.craigslist.org/cto/7270065248.html?lang=en&cc=us
  2. Frigidaire washer/dryer stacked unit.  Requires 115 volt electric plus LP GAS for dryer. 650 US wash cycles or 11700 Mx dryer cycles Photos here: https://bajasur.craigslist.org/app/d/washer-dryer/7273211240.html 
  3. ****NUMBERS 4-18 FISHING GEAR ALL BELONG TO Tom at bajabeerman@prodigy.net.mx 
  4. igloo 152 qt ice chest 50 clams
  5. Outside Trollers Right & Left sides 25 clams
  6. IGFA official world record length scale 10 clams
  7. Catch or release flags all types 1 clam ea.
  8. live bait keeper, portable 18”dia x 24” h 20 clams
  9. Diawa Sealine 900 Reel (Equal to Penn 9/0) 25 Clams
  10. custom made rod, 6′, 30# 50 Clams
  11. custom made rod, 7′, 30#, 50 Clams
  12. various lures from bottom jigs to marlin trolling. 10 and 20 clams each, many are rigged with SS hooks.
  13. rod and reel combo, shimano 50 2 Spd TLD LRS w/80# spectre backing.
  14. diawa eliminator 5′ 6” ,130# Rod. 250 clams
  15. custom live bait casting rod, 6’8” lamiglass 100# Blank w/ 1 inch metal eyes and tip. 250 clams
  16. 2 fishing rods, diawa interline. 100# 5′ 6”. 25 clams each.
  17. JAK wind-on leader making kit. never used. 10 clams
  18. Outside Trollers Right & Left sides 25 clams
  19. ++++++++++++++++++++++
  20. Hose Reel Cart for 175 feet of hose.  From Home Depot.  Never used.  .  Photo:www.amazon.com/Suncast-175-Foot-Capacity-Hosemobile-JNF175BD/dp/B00023BHRA   45 sprays.    sansolo@efn.org
  21. 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Super-cab 4X4. 105000 kilometres 22000 boneshttps://bajasur.craigslist.org/cto/7270065248.html?lang=en&cc=us 
  22. 2013 Husqvarna TE 449 dual sport moto new tires and battery excellent mechanical condition 4999 revs 624 124 8294  https://bajasur.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2013-husqvarna-te-449/7274169963.html 
  23. Satellite TV dish. 6’ fiberglass and pedestal. 100 tacos – ricktyrer@hotmail.com
  24. Free! I have a lot of boxes of tile I used to do mosaics, free, come pick them up. 624-141-0549 – bntjones2005@yahoo.com
  25. Zero electric/propane fridge. 400 ice cubes. https://bajasur.craigslist.org/app/d/zero-electric-propane-fridge/7273828828.html 
  26. Pneumatic motorcycle/quad lift. 1000 oil changes. https://bajasur.craigslist.org/tls/d/motorcycle-quad-lift/7273820863.html
  27. 2012 polaris ranger 800 limited edition. $10,000 usd or obo. – tjzalar@yahoo.com
  28. LG Flatron wide LCD monitor, 15.6″ , 30 screen shots. 624-141-0549 – bntjones2005@yahoo.com
  29. 14 ft Duroboat. No leaks,  25 hp 2 stroke Evinrude. Beach dolly, trailer, Bimini top, new prop, cover, boat tank and many extras.. 2400 boat rides obo. – glenmilner@telus.net

===the end===