Wednesday, October 13, 2021 – #4304

A. Well, we skirted by on Pamela but let’s send good wishes to those to the east that everyone is safe.

B. If you’re looking for a rental be sure to click on Rentals on the ribbon at the top of the BPE. AND…..owners, be sure you keep your info up to date. It’s your rental page!

C. My bad! If your notice is missing……please re-submit!


15-Fri Bookstore 9:00 to 11am Highway 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station
20-Wed Full Blood Moon
23-Sat Tuna Shoot-out – Van Wormer Resorts
30-Fri Halloween+ Party 3-7pm https://bit.ly/3oSxP9a losbarrileswine@gmail.com
31-Sun Daylight Saving Time Mexico. (US & Mex border towns November 7th)


  1. S.N.A.P. (spay, neuter and prevention) UPDATE: We hope everyone had a cool, pleasant summer and anxious to head South to Los Barriles area for the Fall of 2021 Season. Please remember to bring assorted sizes of collars/leashes for S.N.A.P. so we can give each pet we ‘fix’ a new collar to help identify which dogs have been fixed, in most cases. From January 1, until today, Oct. 10, 2021, we have fixed 625 pets in our area with more on the waiting list for Silvia and me to pick up and take to Dr. Christobal, Clinica Veterinaria in Buenos Aires -6121414261, for sterilization and then deliver them safely to their owners OR pet owners can take their pet directly to Dr. Christobal and we will pay for their spay or neuter operation. Please help us continue with this FREE service for our community by donating to S.N.A.P. Drop box is located at Homes and Land or PayPal: kathyp1210@yahoo.com. Looking forward to seeing everyone this coming season possibly at the Cancha for a spay and neuter clinic in January, depending on Covid restrictions. Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe!
  2. Bella Returns in November  Gourmet food. – bertyellen@mail.com
  3. A friend had his first and second covid vaccination shots here and was issued a certificate filled out by hand. He is back home in Canada and the institution he’s dealing with requires a certificate with his details ‘typed’. He didn’t exercise the option to register with ‘mivacuna’. Would someone please tell me how to obtain a vaccination certificate that meets this requirement. I have a copy of the one he received. Carol 6241281197 cazz1956@outlook.com
  4. How does one open a cfe account? – tsullivan0158@gmail.com
  5. Just blew in to town and can’t find any place to buy fish or shrimp to cook at home.  We always bought from the street guy across from Chapito’s or from El Pirata. – richard808@gmail.com
  6. Be part of my upcoming small group classes. Begginners class November 8-Dec 3rd, 2021. M/W/F 9:00 am-10:00 am Maximum 6 people per group and 1 hour per class. Plus, Zoom and private 1-on-1 classes are also available! Structured Spanish language method with a curriculum designed especially for adults. Be part of our local Spanish-speaking community! ?? ?? – spbaja5@gmail.com
  7. Looking for a landscaper to selectively clear 3200 sq mtr land by Spa Buena Vista. Who do you know? – weston@westoncphotographer.com
  8. Humanitarian / Adventure Expedition Oct. 26 – 30. 5 day cruise onboard a 110′ ship. Small group dynamics. Inclusive of food, beverages, onboard accom. and more. The cost is $1250 USD per person and the rest is being subsidized by Panterra. We have 2 cabins left for single or double occ. Distributing food/first aid supplies to coastal communities without direct contact. We will be bubbled up on the trip and not interacting with anyone outside of the ship. Snorkeling, kayaking, wildlife viewing and more. COVID safety protocols will be in place. Open to guests already in the Baja and fully vaccinated. – lela@panterra.com


  1.  Storage containers, have 8 of them, 4 stones each.  https://bajasur.craigslist.org/for/7385887236.html
  2. window unit 5000 btuh 120 volt. carrier. san jose 70 – psteel99@hotmail.com
  3. floor race track for kids. sjc 55 – psteel99@hotmail.com
  4. small water heater for under sink 120 volt SJC 95 – psteel99@hotmail.com
  5. Cargo trailer for sale 5’Wx6’Hx9’L, electric brakes,new spare tire,good condition 2500 clamatos – tunaboy48@yahoo.com
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