THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 – #4295

Independence Day in Mexico as depicted by Google

Also, the town is shaping up with all the clean up crews. It’s a little cooler and some cloud cover but oh the humidity or is it just me?? Looks like we’ll be Ship-Shape time all you northerners return in starting October!



20 – Mon Full Harvest Moon
22 – Tues 1st Anniversary Dinner Party Spa Buena Vista Call 624-1650347


  1. As always we are happy to help and we will be accepting donations through my office especially for this present cleanup need. paydennis@gmail.com

2. Gary Graham fishing report: https://bajabytes.com/2021/09/14/olaf-drenches-before-moving-on/

3. Opening weekend El Triunfo: https://www.theventanaview.com/event/el-minero-toto-frito-reopening-celebration-el-triunfo/?utm_campaign=vv_newsletter_20210915&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Revue%20newsletter

4. MARLIN RUN OCTOBER 15-OPEN BOOKING-MAGDALENA BAY. Join us to our 3 days Expedition, this i s an amazing Adventure for real Ocean Lovers, you will be able to dive with marlin and other animals like sharks, sea lions and sometimes even whales. For this tour you have to be able to swim and feel comfortable in the water. This is a Snorkel / free diving tour. Send us an email and join us to this incredible Adventure. If you have a group of 5 you can customize your tour. – krakendivers@gmail.com

5. If you need someone to take care of your house or your pets while you are away, I can help you. I have experience with dogs and cats, I can also help you water your plants and keep you up to date with anything. I am Mexican and I have references in Los Barriles. Thanks – renemv76@gmail.com

6. SPANISH LESSONS MEXICAN STYLE – Break the language barrier, meet new friends and get involved in the culture of Mexico. Join my private Spanish classes online through zoom, where you will not only learn the language but also slang and a bit of Mexican culture. 1 hour -private class- 15 usd. – carranzacastillogabriela@yahoo.com.mx

7. Anyone looking to have some landscape work done, look no further than kristine edge kke@edge2.net  we are beyond please with the transformation of our entire landscaping.  if you’d like to see what I’m talking about, just email us at gandsh56@gmail.com and I can provide you with before and after pictures.  kristine is so very talented and such a visionary as to what plants and trees will look the best.  her and her team of workers couldn’t have made us any happier with the outcome, we highly recommend her!

8. Baja Blooms, your Local Florist, is Really Looking Forward to Opening for Our Second Season.in October!!!
Thank you All So Much!! – bajablooms@gmail.com

===THE END===