NOTE: Electricity and a trickle of water was restored to Looney Loop last evening. Water struggles but it’s coming along. Thumbs up……This am I saw folks at the shore line at Don Pepe raking the debris that probably came from the arroyos. Temperature is almost perfect……humid but definitely cooler. Cheryl




20 – Mon Full Harvest Moon
22 – Tues 1st Anniversary Dinner Party Spa Buena Vista Call for resv. 624-1650347


  1. In a normal year East Cape Tackle closes for the month of September and the first 2 weeks of October
    This is a different year…
    East Cape Tackle will be open on Monday and Tuesday’s ( as long as there is business) thru out September
    We will see for October…. eastcapetackle@gmail.com
  2. Due to the fact that our community continues without electricity, not all services are restored, and everybody is focused on cleaning work, we have decided to move the date of our Taco Tuesday Anniversary to September 21st. We hope you are able to join us!!

3. Hello friends, I am the sausage lady. This saturday I will coming down to los barriles to deliver your orders. Please place your orders here or call me 6121204530 by Friday noon and I will meet you on the parking lot at community market (laguna park) from 9 to 10am. I will have
Regular brats, Spicy brats, Spicy brats with chees inside, Smoked chicken Brats, Italian sausages (or ground), German meat loaf, Liverwurst, Polish sausage, Nürnberger (breakfast sausage), Wiener (viennas) , Smoked ham. The sausages are vacuum packed with 4 pieces. Home made mustard. For order…..Lasagna (only for order) veggie meat or mixed (2,4,6 or 8 pieces). Bolognese sauce. Thanks – yakii2503@hotmail.com

4. There is more to Baja than its geography; it is home to a welcoming culture whose values are greatly based on family and community, and the Spanish language helps connecting these families within their community. Learning Spanish is the ultimate tool for you to better appreciate the Mexican culture and communicate with its people. By enhancing your language skills, you’ll be able to participate in the wonderful culture of this region. ‘’Spanish Paulina’’ allows you to study the language in small groups, individually, or though Zoom. Classes are interactive, instructive, and fun! Now is the time to learn a new language and be an active member of our unique community. – spbaja5@gmail.com

5. Wind Stuff Not Wanted: 2020 cabrinha 7m drifter yellow good condition no repairs 600 kite loops… 2020 cabrinha 9m drifter yellow has some small
pinhole repairs, can send photos 325 loopskites in us now, can ship to us buyer pays, in Baja in mid October – bresski55@yahoo.com

6. • Tuesday• September 21st – 1st Anniversary!! Are you ready? We want to Celebrate with you!!!
Buenavista & Barriles Community , you make us your favorite place. Gracias..Gracias..Gracias – Mango Margaritas & Tequila!! Live Music !! Starts 4 pm The Most Delicious Menu. Happy Hour•2 x 1• 4 to 7 pm Reservation required Call 624-1650347 Limited Seating Please wear your mask – susette@buenavistaresort.mx

7. Storm protection and decor. services: -Sale and installation of hurricane curtains, interiors and awnings.
-Quotes without obligation. Tel: 6242031203 or 6241757720 La Ribera, San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas. – rosa@stormprotectionanddecor.com

8. Rental Wanted: we are looking to rent a casita in Los Barriles for November/December 2021.  we are willing to pay around 500.00 a month Canadian.  thank you – joybeggs11@gmail.com

===THE END===