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Wednesday, August 19, 2021 – #4287

Almost all caught up again! Moving slow on these warm, humid beautiful Baja days! 7am, 82f, soft cool breeze out of the west. Sunrise just breaking!



21-Sat Wahoo Jackpot Tournament – Van Wormer Resorts
22-Sun Full Sturgeon Moon


  1. Courtesy of the Ventana View: The road from San Antonio has been patched up and is completely drivable for any vehicle and it has been repaired with dirt.

2. “Zopilote” Ice Cream Shop in San Bartolo Delivers to LB weekly. Order your Delicious Ice Cream and Dairy Free/Vegan Sorbet today to be included in this weeks order. Lots of Flavours available. For more Info:Email: zopilotes.sb@gmail.com Phone/WhatsApp: 612 134 1002 (corrected phone #!)

3. Did you say WAHOO? We say WAHOO! At Baja’s Awesome Sportfishing, we LOVE to fish for WAHOO. Sharing the vaulted position of fastest fish in the sea with the incredible Black Marlin, they are equally stealthy, challenging to find and catch, and have razor sharp teeth that can rip open their prey as well as an unsuspecting fisherman! But once caught, they are considering the filet mignon of the sea and when prepared (NEVER overcook fish) will melt in your mouth. This coming Saturdy, August 21, is the East Cape Wahoo Tournament. Our incredibly popular and very ‘fishy’ ‘Awesome’ boat is in the water and we’d love to have you on board and help you hunt for Wahoo during this tournament. We are tournament winners and take pride in our work and meeting your needs. Please reply to theresa@bajasawesome.com to fish this tournament or visit our website at www.bajasawesomesportfishing.com to make your booking immediately. Be Awesome! We ask that you are fully vaccinated to fish with us to keep our Captain, crew and community safe.

4. Just a note that even though we are in the middle of pandemic do not forget other infection sources. With recent heavy rains pooled water is a vector for mosquitoes who carry Dengue Fever , malaria and other problems. If you have standing water try to drain it and if not possible just put small amount of diesel in water and it will disperse and cover with a shiny surface the water. this will kill the larve of the mosquito. A safety precaution for all to remember. Stay healthy all. Dr Dean Ettinger (I call it Puddle Patrol! Cheryl)

5. (A) Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: every Tuesday and Friday 8:30am OPEN English Speaking mtg. Newcomers are welcome! In Los Barriles at Palmas de Cortez Hotel on the patio outside Tico’s Restaurant

(B) Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings: every Sunday and Wednesday 5:00pm (summer) 4:00pm (winter) In Buena Vista at the Rancho Buena Vista Hotel
(C) Ala-non Meetings: Spa Buena Vista in The Serenity Garden. Monday and Thursday 10:00am  Call for info and directions. 624-141-0267 or 619-889-2779

6. I have put together a file regarding “Death in Baja” that I hope you copy and share.  No need to endure any more suffering when this information could help you thru those stressful times. I have gathered answers to questions you may have and a list of things you need to acquire prior to something terrible happening.  Email me and I will send you the file I have put together. – kellylou46@gmail.com

7. We like to keep our 500 liter propane pretty full during hurricane season.  We were down to 70 percent and a truck went by so we thought it would be a good time to get it filled up.  We expected the tank would take about 150 liters.  The vendor was new to us but we had never had a problem before.  They did some weird stuff before filling our tank but I didn’t think anything of it.  Well they said they put in 225 liters which was much more than expected.  I challenged the driver and he showed me that that was what it was.  Lesson learned and I paid.  The company is named ECO Gas.  Just be careful when getting propane from these guys. – renotarich@yahoo.com

8. Crescent Moon’s update: Hola amigos,  We paused the classes in person due to the third wave of Covid-19 that we are experiencing, so we decided to work from home. We’ve been giving away art kits for children to work at their homes, by next week we would have given away 100 art kits in less than one month!! Yes 100!! Please take a look to our website to learn more www.losbarriles.life/crescentmoon , and please consider making a donation if you can. Thank you!!   – Priscilla Duran Priscilla@losbarriles.life – priscilla@losbarriles.life

9. Job opening available.  Assistant needed with very good bi-lingual, written and verbal skills.  Computer skills required include, MS Office, excel, word etc.  Some lifting can be expected.  Apply at Mail Boxes Los Barriles with a CV or email to bajasurfreight@gmail.com

10. Does anyone know how to contact Rolando – the artisano of metal working and powder coating??  Info would be much appreciated! carla-moreland@att.net (this info in the directory: Rolando – Campamento  624-132-9735, yes English)

11. Looking for an Orthopedic Dr. for Hip replacement in La Paz.  cabopulmo@gmail.com 

12. Looking for a us notary in the extended area. – frpeter@verizon.net (check the Directory for on-line services)

13. Looking for a good portrait artist, who can replicate portrait from photos. Thank you. – karenvjames161@gmail.com

14. Looking to buy a reliable truck. Will be down in January but line it up beforehand.  hansonmphoto@gmail.com

15. Short- & Long-Term Airport Parking in Los Cabos! San Jose Park N Fly is a new world-class Airport Parking Facility located just across the Los Cabos International Airport! Whether you need to park only for a few days or for several months, booking at San Jose Park N Fly you will get stress-free airport parking. Reserve online in just a few steps! ☞ https://www.sjparknfly.com/ – info@sjparknfly.com – (624)104-1915 – info@sjparknfly.com

16. Reliable residential weekly trash collection www.eastcapewaste.com – support@eastcapewaste.com

17. Hello friends, im the sausage lady. This Saturday I will coming down to Los Barriles to deliver your orders. Please place your orders here or call me 6121204530 by Friday noon and I will meet you on the parking lot at community market from 9 to 10am. I will have: Regular brats, Spicy brats, Spicy brats with chees inside, Smoked chicken Brats’ Italian sausages (or ground)’ German meat loaf
Liverwurst, Polish sausage, Smoked ham. Canadian bacon. The sausages are vacuum packed with 4 pieces. Home made mustard. For order…Lasagna (only for order) veggie meat or mixed (2,4,6 or 8 pieces). Bolognese sauce, Schnitzel, Thanks – yakii2503@hotmail.com

18. Marlin Migration Expedition September 15 – 2021 and October 15 – 2021. The most incredible adventure in Magdalena Bay Departures from Los Barriles, La Paz, Todos Santos and Cabo . All inclusive Expedition. Swim with this amazing animals and others in open water. No need to have experience just need to love the ocean and be able to swim. This is a 3 days 2 nights tour, hotel, transportation and food included. 985 usd per person. If you really love the ocean and the marine life and nature this is a perfect tour for you. Minimum age 14 years old. Send me an email in order to make a reservation. thanks, and lets enjoy the ocean life! – krakendivers@gmail.com

19. Cerrajería Fred’s – Lock & Key. Only contact number  624 234 5760 Call or WhatsApp. Free estimates.  Key Duplicates, openings, residential & car locksmith. We go from El Cardonal to Cabo Pulmo. Luis Benavidez at service. Location: 20 de noviembre street between chapitos express and De la Laguna street.


THREE LINE LIMIT – Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.
  1.  Bought 2 bottles. Combined for suitcase space. Exp May 2023. Don’t need. Call: 62424.38075
  2. 2019 Honda Pioneer 500 4×4, 544 miles. $9995 US.https://bajasur.craigslist.org/snw/d/2019-honda-pioneer-500-4×4-544-miles/7351472611.html?lang=en&cc=us760-518-9646
  3. 2021 Yamaha Wolverine 850 X4, UTV. 4 seater, 15 miles on the odometer.https://bajasur.craigslist.org/snw/d/2021-yamaha-wolverine-x4-850-brand-new/7358712244.html?lang=en&cc=us760-518-9646 
  4. 2001 Toyota Sequoia limited AWD, Drove this SUV from Florida to move my items here. No longer needed . Drives well. Call me at 346-777-8488 Located in Spa Buena Vista. Only 4000 topes. see at bajasur.craigslist.org/cto/d/2001-toyota-sequoia-limited-awd/7366539507.html
  5. Zoom H6 Professional Recorder. Brand new in box. Never used. 300 coconuts – newagemovies1@gmail.com
  6. 2009 yamaha rhino 700 “ ducks unlimited “ edition. original owner. always garaged. Lots of upgrades including  clutch, shocks,  mats and se body package. $ 6200.00 us plugs. – billfishbob95@gmail.com
  7. Dog crate/carrier for flights.  Used once for 30 pound dog.  Excellent condition.  30 puppies, firm – kellylou46@gmail.com
  8. Anchors  2   12LB danforth type  25 us  drags   and1 20lb with 20 ft of 5/16 chain 60 us digs located in Spa Buena Vistahttps://bajasur.craigslist.org/bpo/d/anchors/7358043573.html
  9. 2 Tuna Tubes with bonita inserts, quick release/mounting hardware, Like New  and brand new Shurflo 2000gph tube pump included in package. 585. US tunas – breese1214@gmail.com
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