MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2021 – #4270

Rain coming our way? Fingers crossed. Hurricane Enrique down south.

Note: A reminder………I created the BPE over 20 years ago when we were still using VHS radios for commmunication as a QUICK read community bulletin board. Key word, quick. Please respect the tried and true format. Thanks, Cheryl

Motto #2: KISSS=Keep it Sweet, Short and Simple!

 July 2021 Calendar

1-ThuEast Cape Recycling 9-11am
2-Fri**CANCELLED** Bookstore 9:00 to 11am Highway 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station – Bajajoanna@gmail.com
7-WedEl Cardonal recycling at the Concha next to the Subdelegado’s office. Questions? TheDianaMo@gmail.com
16-FriBookstore 9:00 to 11am Highway 1 Storage across from Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station – Bajajoanna@gmail.com
23-FriFull Buck Moon
27-SatDorado Shoot-Out Van Wormer Resorts

  1. Can someone please mail a stamped letter for me if you going to the states within a few days? Elizabeth.624 1428013 – edesignsbaja@aol.com
  2. The Bookstore scheduled for July 2nd is cancelled, we willreschedule Soon. – Bajajoanna@gmail.com
  3.  I want to give a great complement to Marta and her staff from the La Doña restaurant in Algadones, near El Cardonal. They organized a celebration of life for our family member who recently passed away. Everything from the setup to the most amazing food to professionalism needs to complement each other. I highly recommend La Doña restaurant for everything from that amazing breakfast lunch or dinner, depending on your catering needs !! – alruiz@pacbell.net
  4. Weaving Loom needs to travel to San Antonio BCS MX. Wrapped in 7 pkgs (space 10’x4’x3’) Presently in Hood River OR ready to go.For more detail, email – srwweaves@gmail.com
  5. anybody know Jody Brooke? Slim, fit American about 70 years old. His friends in California are looking for him.- Jeffrey & Gregory. – sax100sax100@yahoo.com
  6. Gary Graham Fishing Report: https://bajabytes.com/2021/06/22/yellowfin-tuna-in-the-house/
  7. Dear amigos & clients of La Ribera ElToro y La Luna,We are closing today in LA RIBERA, for the summer, opening for appointments only 6241410696Gracias, see you in the fall P.S. Los Barriles store remains open until July 31st
  8. Wed, July 7, El Cardonal recycling at the Concha next to the Subdelegado’s office. Questions? TheDianaMo@gmail.com
  9. Are you looking for a ride from/to airport to/from anywhere in the east cape area? We offer you our shuttle service with reliable drivers for your best experience, we also have car rentals!! Contact info: 6241214970 or email me! – isabelgr1106@gmail.com
  10. Hello, my name is Gregorio, I am offering my services for the installation of marble, granite, tile, floor polishing, ceiling sealing, painting, construction of concrete fences, floors, gardening service and all kinds of maintenance in general. Free estimates in Barriles and surroundings. W.catymoreno86@gmail.com 
  11. Ok please forgive this questioning if it seems too ignorant but the Americano in me needs more information on the upcoming lock down in LB. Are the Covid numbers climbing? Are the hospitals filling up? I’m sad if that’s a fact. But…Church closings ….REALLY? – move4moore@yahoo.com
  12. Here comes the rain.  If you have roof leaks please email us today and we will come take look.  Free estimates!  Professional crew.  Top of line products.  Lots of references. – bajasynergy@gmail.com
  13. Happening now! Tools and miscellaneous items on sale tomorrow (Monday June 28th) at Smokey’s. Stand up drill press, workbench, storage bin on wheels, grinder, beach chairs, sand blasting cabinet, many more items. Sale starts at 10:00 am.
  14. Not Wanted:  insinkerator model 66 (garbage disposal) – never opened – no room in my new kitchen – 100 potato skins – fsgavin@cs.com
  15. CORTEZ RESCUE is a labor of love that is responsibly run by Jenn Petitclerc and her amazing team of Angel volunteers and they are in serious need of your HELP right now. Our Baja summer is seriously heating up and our facilities here do not have AC. Our pups are in immediate need of homes, whether by fostering or adoption. If you live near Los Barriles, you can be a foster Angel to one of our beloved pups. By doing this it gets the dog immediately out of this blistering heat. It also gives the pup a chance to become acclimated to love, trust, people, homes, playing, learning tricks, walking on a leash and to get ready to be adopted. I have personally done this numerous times and what these pups bring to you and your family is completely rewarding. You can be an amazing volunteer Angel at the Cortez Rescue facility here in Baja. A lot of these dogs were abandoned, abused, neglected and they are all in need of every bit of loving human contact they can get. Be that person today! You can be a airport transport Angel and drive our pups safely to the airport so they can fly to their new owner’s home. If you are on vacation and are flying home from the Cabo airport, we would love it if you would be one of our transport Angel’s to help get our pups to their furever homes. Just let Cortez Rescue know your airline and where you are flying to. They will do all the paper work, provide the crate, deliver the pup to the airport and stay until the pup is safely turned over to the airlines. All you have to do at your destination is hand the dog over to the person that Cortez Rescue prearranged to pick up the dog. It’s so easy everyone should do it! You can also be one of our driving transport Angel’s. If you are driving home from Baja, Cortez Rescue will supply you with the all the necessary paperwork, provide the transport crate and food. All you have to do is hand the dog over to the person that Cortez Rescue arranged to pick up the dog at the prearranged destination. If you aren’t blessed to live here in beautiful Baja, you can help by adopting one of our amazing pups. It’s as easy as going to the Cortez Rescue website and looking at all our adorable and adoptable pups. If you aren’t able to do any of the above options, please consider supporting Cortez Rescue’s efforts monetarily. There is no government funding here in Baja so the only funding they get comes from people like you and me. You can go to their website where they have made it easy to make a donation. It goes for our pups food, medical care and to keep the facility running efficiently. If you have a dog you love, please make a donation in their name today. I did!! Cortéz Rescue, Los Barriles, BCS Home – Cortez Rescue – stanfordsgirl1954@yahoo.com

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