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MAY 2021—–Note the days and dates for the El Cardonal fishing tournament this week.

26-Wed Full Flower Moon
27-Thu Wine Dinner with Chef Matty https://bit.ly/3hOb17k losbarrileswine@gmail.com
28-Fri Register for El Cardonal Fishing Tournament. All info on FaceBook: XVII Torneo de Pesca El Cardonal Group. BPE#4242
29-Sat El Cardonal Fishing Tournament. 7am. All info on FaceBook: XVII Torneo de Pesca El Cardonal Group. BPE#4242


  1.  I lost my Volkswagen car control – key on the Beach between Costa Brava and Callejon Don Pepes on Sunday May 23. If you found it please contact me: maria@bajasawesome.com or 6121376676 
  2. A chance in a million you might have found the seat of my outrigger canoe that blew off my car roof somewhere between Los Brisas and downtown Los Barriles sometime in early March.  It is made of closed cell foam, black in color and looks like a form fitting seat with a low back.. – skypilot97031@gmail.com


  1.   Note from a happy Canadian: Unfortunately in life (especially in todays climate) more people have time to moan and complain rather than post compliments and positive experiences. So please allow me to post my experience with returning from 5 months basking away in our little piece of paradise while our friends and family’s around the world had to endure months of restrictions, isolation even worse the loss of lose of loved ones. I took my first test the day before returning at the local lab in LB, it was nothing more painful than taking a tad to much Wasabi at La Castia, picked up the results that afternoon. Downloaded all the apps required for Mexico, US and Canada and filled them out accordingly…not a brain buster. The next day I checked into SJD with my apps and paper work, it was a seamless operation, the staff where helpful and friendly. Arrived in Seattle cleared immigration and customs with the same friendliness Took the shuttle to my pre booked hotel. Next morning I it took it back to the airport to take my pre booked NAAT test , which I took myself and had the results texted within 30 mins. Caught my flight to Bellingham where I hailed a cab to the Pacific crossing where I walked to the crossing to be greeted by a very helpful customs agent, he gave me two test kits and said instead of take the first test the next morning I could do it right there with the help of trained staff once I cleared customs. The customs staff cleared me through and even helped with my baggage. I went to the tent and took my first CND test, 10 mins later I was across and heading home. Each day off quarantine I checked in via an app, on day 8 I registered for my last test and got in the queue, I was 438 in line at 8:30 am, at 8:35 I was sitting in front of the screen being coached though the last test by a very patient and helpful nurse, popped my test kit into the supplied bag and left it for pick up on the doorstep as required, 3 days later received my test results back via email. This little bit of inconvenience is a very small price to pay for the time I was allowed to spend in paradise. This is a big thank you to the community of LB and all those on all sides of all the borders that made this possible. – rjdakabulldog@gmail.com
  2. Thanks to everyone who helped hook me up with the epic LB to Todos Santos ATV ride.  We took the north route and had QuadGirl trailer our machines to San Antonio. Then used the Gaia GPS app and the awesome maps from our BPE friends.   We had a tire blow out, so carry an extra.  Edgar from QG picked us up and we trailered home.  That dude is awesome!  The ride was about 3 hours, lunch was about 2 hours eating the best shrimp tacos ever (far west side of town at the corner, painting of jalapeño cartoon on the wall). Ride home was under 2 hours I’m Edgar’s awesome truck. Another superb option is to stay at the hotel San Crystobal and check out the Lobos boat launch in the morning, then ride back to LB.  Peace, amigos.  Enjoy it all!  Harry. – harry@dincpie.com


  1. cfe power surges and outages. I have experienced over 100 in the past two weeks and my water pump which is two and one years old just stopped working, $300 for new one.how do i contact cfe to be reimbursed. – eljdds@gmail.com
  2. Anyone know of a person that has experience in creating a website? Please contact:  lindainbaja@hotmail.com –


  1.  AA Open MeetingsRancho Buena Vista. Sundays & Wednesdays 5:00 pm Christina (624)100-3259


  1.  Want:  2 single sit-on-top Ocean Kayaks in good condition.  2 paddle optional. Contact Fred at fgreen@jps.net
  2. Wanted:  quad 4 seater mrs.kelli.hutchinson@gmail.com
  3. still looking for a electric pottery wheel for studio i’m building in the pescadero area. thanks mark – mark.knott@paceacademy.org


  1.  Chef Crystal of El Pirata. Specializing in creating unique in home dinning experiences.   Seafood Combinations as well as Traditional Mexican Fare.     All meals cooked in the safety and comfort of your home.  Inquire within for Menu options and pricing. Vegetarian, Vegan and restricted diets available.  624 184 8682.  What s App or DinnersbyCrystal@hotmai.com
  2. Thursday, May 27th, 6pm — At Los Barriles Wine & Tequila, Mexico meets the Middle East during this 4 course wine pairing dinner consisting of intricate Middle Eastern dishes prepared by Chef Matty Melehes of Cozy Coffee while also touring the 3 main winemaking regions of Mexico. A glass of sparkling wine greets you & an agave based Mexican liqueur is served with dessert. $1200 pesos. This is one of the last dinners this season so make your reservations today! losbarrileswine@gmail.com


  1.  Yoga by the Sea – Every Tuesday & Thursday 10am – At the beautiful Hotel Playa del Sol – Arrive as you are, leave feeling better. www.losbarrilesyoga.com losbarrilesyoga@gmail.com
  2. East Cape Healthcare…Moving to Los Barriles? Retiring ? Planning to spend more time here ?  If you are a Full Time or Part Time Resident, you are eligible for International Insurance. Accident, Emergency & Injury coverage. You can choose your Doctor & Hospital ( like H+Hospital in San Jose!) If you spend much of your time here, it makes sense to be protected here. Contact me for information and quote, it’s free to ask ! Fly-Me-Home policy available too.  This is Important..It’s Your Health.  eastcapehealthcare@gmail.com


Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing
  1.  @Spanish Online with Anne: Learn Spanish through the Magic of Storytelling! It’s an effective and fun way to learn a language. All levels. You’ll practice reading, hearing, pronouncing, translation, etc. Conversational levels are Book Club Style! These are private lessons or groups of no more than 5. – spanish.online.with.anne@gmail.com
  2. Mattresses Wholesale Spring Air. American, mexican and Hotel sizes. Quality and Service. Get a free quote now! – pablovan32@hotmail.com


THREE LINE LIMIT – Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.
  1.  New Baja beach wheels close to new reduced 275 clams also large Bruce anchor complete with chain 160 clams contact swampdonkeys86@gmail.com
  2. portable stanley 10″ table saw 2 mos old 200saws 10′ Cuprum scissor ladder fiberglass with aluminum steps 1 mo old 150 steps – dabetsp@gmail.com
  3. Runs great! Water pump motor with pressure tank. 230 volt, hp 3/4 , kw 115/230v , 3450 rpm, 1ph 60 Hz , Maxload amps 12.4/6,2 , s.f 127 thermally protected , type B , insulation class 13, Ambieal temp 50.   Cost 150 pumps – tamrawest@msn.com
  4. Heavy solid onyx round column bases. Use maybe to hold round bottom vase or art piece. use. 5 1/2″ tall 12″ across. jleemelter@juno.com 125 rocks. see craigs list. https://bajasur.craigslist.org/art/d/round-onyx-column-bases/7313213217.html
  5. 2004 Honda Pilot 186,000 miles. We are the original owners of this car.  Very well maintained, ice cold air and everything works as it should. No cel. Good tires and brakes. 4800 drives – kateduda957@gmail.com
  6. Hobie kayak. 12 ft Hobie mirage Pro angler. Pedal driven, live well, outriggers, beach wheels, and custom made aluminum trailer. Paddle and extras. 3800 strokes – rockboss21@gmail.com
  7. Complete Dish setup, dish& l&b, receiver, remote. All you need to get started 300 views – kateduda957@gmail.com
  8. 1999  Mercury Sable 4 door sedan. AC works great 134,000 mi. New Battery and Oil change.Great Baja transportation. Located in Los Barriles. 2200 cruises OBO – – cvsteins@gmail.com
  9. Lamps 10 sparkles ea, all parrots for 45 chirps. View at https://bajasur.craigslist.org/for/d/lamps-parrots/7325909941.html?lang=es&cc=mx
  10. 2015 Mirage enclosed trailer with ramp and side door.  6 x 12.  Excellent condition.  See on CL at https://bajasur.craigslist.org/tro/7325713990.html?lang=en&cc=us   3200 good storage    jandcinthebaja@gmail.com

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