5-WedCinco de Mayo Taco Bar at La Playa Restaurant. (I saw it on FB!)
6-ThuEast Cape Recycling 9-11am
6-ThuCapsforcancerbaja will be meeting ONLY at La Ribera, Resturant Provendicia. 4pm
7-FriBookstore 9-11am. Highway 1 Storage across from the new Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station
9-SunMother’s Day USA
9-SunMother’s Day Sunday Brunch May 9th/Mimosas & Mary’s 2×1 (AtSpaBuenavista)/ Reservations/susette@buenavistaresort.mx
10-MonMother’s Day Mexico
12-WedBajaShakespear Dinner Theater-6:30. susette@buenavistaresort.mx+52 624-165-0347 BPE#4241
14-FriBajaShakespear Dinner Theater-6:30. susette@buenavistaresort.mx+52 624-165-0347 BPE#4241
19-WedBajaShakespear Dinner Theater-6:30. susette@buenavistaresort.mx+52 624-165-0347 BPE#4241



  1.  at&t smart phone fell out of my pocket during quad ride to waterfall in 1st arroyo yesterday sunday 5/2.  name and phone # “phil dubois (619)748-2206” taped on back.  reward if found.  “phil.dubois@comcast.net” 


  1.   Vaccinations – Thanks and Registration for Next Vaccination driveThanks to all the volunteers who helped or were on standby to assist Bienestar staff administer the 1st and 2nd shots for people 60 + years old.  Thank you to Francisco, Pastor of Piedra Angular Church for again loaning their chairs, to Paul Rich from East Cape Fellowship who also leant chairs several times too.  Thanks Omar from East Cape RV for the excellent water system, Chris from Smokey’s for more chairs! Donna Dolinar and Chris Courtright for the tents. Thanks also to Adam Greenberg, Theresa Comber, Josefina Ruiz, Tom Brogan, Mary Joanis who donated funds, supplies.  Thanks Cheryl at BPE giving information when finally available! On to the next group!  Please help this important public health initiative for our area.50 – 59 year olds – please register now for Folio # at https//mivacuna.salud.gob.mx  – need your CURP # on front of your Residency Card.  Use 23330 for mail code – leighanne292@gmail.com

2. Local Water problems!

Here are some notes from Monday’s  somewhat sudden meeting with congressional candidate Eduardo Yayo on local water problems.  It was a constructive meeting!

There were about 25 in attendance, including a large group from Palo Blanco. If you’re interested in getting involved in creating solutions, which seemed to be the direction the group is heading in, message Robin Neal with your email address.

Los Barriles Water Meeting re problems north of town, run by Eduardo Yayo for congress

Yayo works in the government in La Paz, has some relevant experience, but no direct responsibility. He does see a need for connecting the expat communities with government and wants to be a bridge.

According to a study he referred to, BCS is expected to be the first or second state to run out of water in 15-20 years unless something is done. It was not clear what he meant by “run out of water.”

At Magdalena Bay they didn’t have water or light. Yayo was involved with a project in which they installed desalination with solar in the town, providing both water and light for about 400 people.

Rick Johnson, local resident, who has lots of experience in constructing sewer and water projects: A sewer system would save 60% of water. We need a whole new water system going north from town. He can see 20 leaks along any given line up there and those are the ones that rise to the surface. We need an 8” line, plastic, that can expand under pressure and doesn’t leak, along with all the subsidiary lines.

Jeanne Harkleroad recommends making a plan, as they did for the new athletic field. That project took 4 years,  coordinating between the mayors of LB and La Paz. Almost complete.

Mike (Connor?) has sat on sewer boards and water boards. Said that it took over ten years just to build the LB fountain, but seemed hopeful about getting to work on this project, as were others.

Someone suggested a surtax just to cover the water improvement.

La Paz is supposed to give 50% of tax back to Los B. That has been the intention, anyway. Right now they’re updating the computers. They need to have a system connected to track all the money. Can’t accept money from us that isn’t accounted for through that system.

Steve Burgin said we’d probably have to set up a Mexican nonprofit. Otherwise the money will disappear in La Paz.

Brittany: We wait 1 hour now for an ambulance. Inexcusable. Many have died on the way to the hospital.

There is a great team in La Paz, (name Calafia?) but they’re funded by foreign money and there’s leadership, that’s what we need here. If MX can’t do it, we’ll do it ourselves.

Yayo says a lot of equipment that has been donated like ambulances, etc, are sitting neglected because there’s no organization, no leadership.

Marta from Palo Blanco commented: It’s all getting worse. Water is worse, garbage collection is worse. If you (Yayo) want to connect with this community, these problems have to be solved.

Robin Neal observed that we have a lot of skills in our community. We need workgroups to focus on garbage, water, etc. She suggested we start organizing and planning. That got a lot of agreement so an email list was circulated. There was substantial Interest in getting to work.

What about you? Want water? Services? We may have to make this happen ourselves. If you’re interested in working on a water project, garbage collection project, an ambulance project, a sewer project, or anything else you think needs doing, please send your email address to Robin Agajanian-Neal at yobaby426@yahoo.com


  1.  Garage sale Saturday, May 8.  8:00-3:00.  Las Tinas.  On main dirt road between Punta Pescadero and El Cardonal.  Turn towards the beach at the monument.  Lots of good stuff! – bajamx@frii.com


  1.  On this Mother’s Day, we want to spoil mom, we invite you to come and have a delicious meal at Pizzeria Don Roberto with a delicious dessert for her. On HwyOne, across from the LB Fountain – donrobertopizzeria@gmail.com


  1.  Wanted: 4 passenger side but side. Caron – capozzi@shaw.ca
  2. Wanted, used  wheelchair. – asuncion37@icloud.com
  3. Need lift/grua, for senior. – asuncion37@icloud.com
  4. Wanted: Boat Baja Bayrunner 19-21 ft – davew@nexuscorp.com


  1.  TONIGHT! La Playa Restaurant: 5 de mayo – Como and enjoy mexican food,Enchiladas, chiles rellenos, tacos, Delicious margaritas, and more.. live music. Classic rock n roll 60,70,80,90. You can’t miss it!! Make your reservation to la playa restaurnat. We waiting for you – evegarcot@hotmail.com
  2. Join us for Cafe Maria’s Thursday special! Delicious Italian chicken breast: breaded parmesan chicken breast with Italian tomato sauce and melted cheese, served with pasta and caesar salad for $200 pesos. Starting at 2 pm. Our sitting area is open. For take out call us at 6241410511 or email me at pris.cafemaria@gmail.com 


Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing
  1.  Are you back in USA or Canada? Worrying if your roof needs to be sealed before Hurricane season and the rains? Free inspections. Free estimates. I will send detailed photos and pricing. Email me today. Lots of references!!! Baja Roofing Baja Kevin – bajasynergy@gmail.com
  2. Hello, my name is Gregorio, I am offering my services for the installation of marble, granite, tile, floor polishing, ceiling sealing, painting, construction of concrete fences, floors, gardening service and all kinds of maintenance in general. Free estimates in  Barrels and surroundings W.catymoreno86@gmail.com 
  3. Hi LB..Dont Forget Mothers Day is Coming in a Week!!! Taking Orders Now!!! Also if anyone has vase carrying boxes from Baja Blooms…please return if you.can..we are out!! – Bajablooms@gmail.com
  4. Hello everyone, I see that there are many foreigners moving or living in Mexico and many wanting to learn Spanish in order to better interact in the place where they have chosen to live, that is why I am offering Spanish classes online to Through Zoom, the idea of these classes is that in addition to teaching the common of any kind of languages such as pronunciation, verbs, adjectives, etc. I will also teach you how to speak in Mexico, our culture, traditions and way of thinking. Regardless of the level you have, the class will adapt to you and your particular objective, making a class completely focused on you and private. The cost of the class is 15 usd and the payment is through Paypal. To start with your class just send me a message about what day you can start and why you want to learn Spanish, I hope to see you soon. Muchas Gracias Amigos – carranzacastillogabriela@yahoo.com.mx


NO MORE For Sale by owner  or real estate companies,  BEFORE YOU POST CHECK OUT THE RENTALS PAGE
  1.  Young engaged couple, responsible pet owners (2 small-medium dogs), looking for a one or two bedroom place to rent/exchange property management and maintenance from October to May. Lived in the East Cape before, managed Airbnbs/VRBOs and looking to move back down.  kelsdow07@gmail.com 


  1.  need a ride from Spa to the airport Thursday.  I need to leave about 7am.  Debbie US 813-468-5787  
  2. Need ride to airport Friday May 7th somewhere around 12 noon to catch 4:00 flight to Salt Lake Delta 1871. 001-208 309-8340. dyeagssv@gmail.com
  3. December 2021. First time bringing the RV into Mexico. Looking for Caravan from any California port of entry, but I hear Mexicali is easy.  We are driving down from the SF Bay Area.  No Toad, no pets, 25′ Class C. – cybutler@hotmail.com


THREE LINE LIMIT – Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.
  1.  Ashiko African hand drum. Made by drum master. 24″ tall l2″ skin top. Excellent. Reduced 190 to 175 drum bea 142 8123 https://bajasur.craigslist.org/msg/d/ashiko- african-drum/7313211676.html 
  2. 2 Heavy round onyx column bases. Green, rust , off white. 12″ width.Very specific use.  See pics on Craigs list Baja sur. arts/crafts. Los Barriles. 125 tacos OBO, call 142 8123 https://bajasur.craigslist.org/art/d/round-onyx-column-bases/7313213217.html
  3. Vintage mid century end table. Triangle shape glass top on 3 wood legs. From 1940’s-50’s. Perfect condition. Impossible to find. Reduced 190 to 145 tacos. Call 142 8123. Los Barriles. Craigs list https://bajasur.craigslist.org/fuo/d/vintage-mid-century-end-table/7313212649.html
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  5. 20’ Díaz panga beach launch special, 50 hp Johnson, Bimini, bait tank , new trailer rebuild ,8,500 dorados https://bajasur.craigslist.org/boa/d/panga/7316701790.html?lang=es&cc=mx 
  6. King size mattress with pillow top. Always covered. Purchased from City Club about 4 years ago. 200 sleeps – 1fishnrod@gmail.com
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  9. 2 extra large bags of polyester fill for cushions or stuffed animals 20 puffs – bwsexton@hotmail.com
  10. ISI CO 2 cartridges. Non threaded. Good for certain appliances and tire pump devices. Free.Epson 200 printer cartridges. Black/color. Free. – glenmilner@telus.net
  11. Composter:  37  Gallon Tumbler Composter with 2 chambers.  View on Amazon.com.mx as Yimby tumbler composter.30 Turns.   reidafr@gmail.com 
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