4-Thu East Cape Recycling 9-11am
06-Sat Community Market
12-Fri Bookstore 9-11am. Highway 1 Storage across from the new Arco electrical supply past the Repsol Station
13-Sat Community Market
13-Sat Cancelled! Taste of East Cape dinner and silent auction – screed10@gmail.com
15-Mon Holiday for Benito Juarez BD


  1.  Stolen giant Mtn bike black and white from playa norte RV park. Space A2 – zevbeckerman@gmail.com


  1.  UPDATE on Aqua de la Costa road project: Jim Hall – Copied from FB, written 2/25/21Conversation Starter – Phase 1 Grading the road using a metal drag, applying a soil that compacts and stays in place to the worst sections of the road due to numerous rocks. Watering the road to help increase compaction and settle the dust. Thanks to the volunteers who helped that day. Bo donated his time an truck to pull the drag. Bill and Dave who helped the drag truck. And a big ThankYou to the hardest workers out there .Debbie Fromberg and Samatha Green with her two little helpers. They walked the road behind the drag and picked up rocks and threw them to the side of the road. To our Mayor Luis who supplied a water truck and two men to help throw rocks out of the road as well. Phase 2 Starting tomorrow we will be adding more of the Red soil to the road. If you have seen the yellow caution tape along side the road those are the next areas for applying red soil. There are times there may be slight delay in the narrow sections. Please be patient. Your in Mexico , relax, LOL. The trucks are very busy at this time so I did a drive through with the operator and they will bring loads of dirt when they can. Phase 3 Identify the next sections to be worked. My plan is to set back money for once a week watering for 4 weeks and use the rest of your donations to buy soil until the money runs out. If the people using the road see a benefit in the weekly watering we might be able to set something up to create a bank to keep the weekly water truck going. On another note, My neighbor and I pooled our money and bought 7 loads of red soil applied in front of our casa’s to reduce the dust. A person asked me if that was part of the road work money. So just to clear that up. No it was not, we paid for it out of pocket. I do have a spread sheet of all the money received and expenditures if anyone wants to see it. New News: The Mayor has asked me if I would assist him in a similar project on some of the roads in town. Priority being the roads that would help relieve the traffic through town. The road behind Palmas de Cortez to the highway. The cut off road The Cemetery road. We have not worked out the details yet but hopefully there are enough folks in town and those that drive through town, to raise enough money to do all three roads. Mayor Luis Lucero is going to meet with some of the local businesses and construction companies to see what they can do to help us meet our goals. Thank You all again for all the support and thumbs up on the road. Jim
  2. RECYCLING this Thursday, 3/4 from 9-11 a.m. at Baja’s Resort at East Cape (across from Modelorama).  Use this link to find out which clean/crushed/sorted recyclables are accepted:  https://www.eastcaperecycling.com/recycle-this/ Do not bring any glass – it goes in your own trash.  Please “bundle” all cardboard/loose paper. Covid precautions – mask, social distancing – remain in effect. Your 100 peso/household/month helps transport all the recyclables to La Paz. Gracias!  info@eastcaperecycling.com 
  3. The classes started 2 weeks ago with the Art For Children Program where 2 groups of 5 children each, and a 2 years old little girl taking paint lessons with Xochitl Rivera . We’re also starting the Craft Club with Yedid Castro next Saturday, March 06th, this program initially was for a 5 children group, but due to the parents’ requests, we are adding a second group of another 5 children.
    We are very thankful for the support that the Crescent Moon Project t has received during the past few days. Today, there are children on the waiting list to join our programs Art For Children and The Craft Club. I’m hoping to be able to open another group for each program this March.
    So far I can say that children are so excited and happy to be part of these art lessons, though for most of them this is their introduction to the art world they’re proud of what they achieve at the end of every class. The children who haven’t started yet are looking forward to the classes starting.
    February is gone, and we are facing March’s costs, please consider making a donation at www.losbarriles.life/crescentmoon or stop by Cafe Maria. Priscilla. priscilla@losbarriles.life. The Crescent Moon project is open for children from 4 – 15 years old, and we take the Covid-19 safety measures very seriously


  1.  For a family of 4 how long time wise should you give your self flying to US to take Cov19 test @ airport before you leave ? & how much is the test ? – swampdonkeys86@gmail.com
  2. does any one have contact information for alejandro verdugo at his storage yard on the hill? timatkins183@gmail.com


  1.  RECYCLING this Thursday, 3/4 from 9-11 a.m. at Baja’s Resort at East Cape (across from Modelorama).  Use this link to find out which clean/crushed/sorted recyclables are accepted:  https://www.eastcaperecycling.com/recycle-this/ Do not bring any glass – it goes in your own trash.  Please “bundle” all cardboard/loose paper. Covid precautions – mask, social distancing – remain in effect. Your 100 peso/household/month helps transport all the recyclables to La Paz. Gracias!  info@eastcaperecycling.com 


  1.  Wanted: Electric Mobility Scooter.  I have MS and need a way to walk the dog! – weebray@gmail.com
  2. Wanted: To buy or use for 2 months: Riding boots English or Western, size 8.5 to 9. If have but don’t want to sell, I will treat with kid gloves & polish well before returning. 360-870-8747 or sellerjazz@yahoo.com 


  1.  Wanted: Impact vest. Men’s XL, maybe L. – sturgeonmouth@gmail.com
  2. Wanted: surf specific directional kiteboard/surfboard. Max length 5’6″. Max width 17.75″. – sturgeonmouth@gmail.com
  3. Wanted: NSI or Surftech stick-on pads with inserts to put straps on a surfboard. – sturgeonmouth@gmail.com
  4. Wanted Ocean Rodeo Mako 140 any vintage. – rjdakabulldog@gmail.com
  5. ‘15 Cabrinha Switchblade 6m, used only 6 times & only in Los Barriles, perfect condition-no repairs, 340 waves, ppprrrbbb0910@yahoo.com
  6. North Rebel 8m and 10m with nice Trust bar. Kites are 6 years old, only have about one season on them. No repairs, crisp. 275 each or 500 both obo. In Los Barriles. – kochucove@yahoo.com
  7. 2020 6m Duotone Neo. Like new 750. – kochucove@yahoo.com
  8. Green, SlingWing Inflatable Wings for Wing Foiling. 4.4M and 6.4M. Both in excellent shape, used less than 10 times, 2021 Version 2 models. About $800/apiece retail, the 4.4M is available for 400 glides, and the 6.4 for 480 glides. Both come with wrist leash. – alexander1cook@gmail.com
  9. 2017 Slingshot, SST in perfect almost new condition with bar. 550 waves – gaborvagi@gmail.com
  10. L and LX Dakine,  Vega seat harnesses for sale.  New with the best warranty on the market.  170 chop – gaborvagi@gmail.com
  11. Kite Gear for Sale – All Ocean Rodeo
    7m Roam $350 usd
    7m Prodigy Gen 4 $300 usd
    8m Prodigy Gen 5 $325 usd
    9.5m Prodigy Gen 4 $275 usd
    Ocean Rodeo bars and lines:
    Older one $100 USD
    Newer one $125 USD
    All in good condition! 9.5m has one small patch on it. – douglas.bobbi@gmail.com
  12. size brand model Notes: Price
    6 Slingshot RPM 400
    6 Slingshot Rally 600
    7 Cabrinha Drifter400
    8 RRD Religion400
    9 Slingshot Rally 400
    10 RRD Religion 800
    10 RRD Religion 500
    10 Slingshot SST 500
    12 Slingshot SST 500
    17 Blade Fat Lady500
    Brand new harness
    Misc. boards Leashes
    I switched to wing foiling and do not use any of this any longer – better I sell it than it sitting around and not getting any use. 818-422-8500 – cell or WhatsApp zevbeckerman@gmail.com


Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing
  1.  Looking for shuttle service? We offer airport ride services or to any place in the east cape area! We have good references. We also offer car rental services, contact us for more information!:) – isabelgr1106@hotmail.com
  2. Now that you have made Baja California your second home, I invite you to learn the language of this magical place. Learning Spanish from a local will greatly enhance your living and learning experience by opening doors to the people and culture of the area. Learn Spanish and engage more freely with your Mexican neighbors. Send me an email to reserve your spot. – spbaja5@gmail.com


NO MORE For Sale by owner  or real estate companies,  BEFORE YOU POST CHECK OUT THE RENTALS PAGE
  1.  My name is Carla. I have been a front-line Physician Assistant in Phoenix AZ, and stopped working earlier this month after a very stressful year! I am looking to find a small place for me and my very well-behaved 3 year old golden retriever in La Paz, Los Barriles, or Todos Santos for the next 2-3 months to rest and relax. My dates are somewhat flexible right now, but my plan is to be in BCS the 3rd or 4th week of March. My budget is about $650 per month. Carla and Dezzie carlagbruning@gmail.com


THREE LINE LIMIT – Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.
  1.  2019 Interstate 16’ x 7’ tandem axle cargo trailer like new with 2 new spares & more.  6000 tows https://bajasur.craigslist.org/tro/d/enclosed-cargo-trailer/7261941692.html  –  rhbjr54@gmail.com 
  2. IPhone X, grey, mint condition, 340 calls, ppprrrbbb0910@yahoo.com
  3. SUP inflatable, 10’x32”, used only once, 240 waves, ppprrrbbb0910@yahoo.com 
  4. Dune Buggy: https://bajasur.craigslist.org/snw/d/buggy-tubular/7282818380.html?lang=en&cc=us 
  5. Honda Generator. Brand New, In box.  EU2200i  Portable (40#) inverter generator. 1200 coconuts and it’s yours.  bajacarlita@gmail.com 
  6. Our beloved and rare Classic 345 Airstream motorhome is now for sale! Showings start next week. 24,999 wows or best offer. https://bajasur.craigslist.org/rvs/d/rare-classic-airstream-345-motorhome-us/7283275929.html
  7. patriot satellite dish,1.8 m/177cm with metal stand. Roy Ice approved.$100 us lures. Need room, come get it cheap. 624 142 8183. US# 928 208 4573. 
  8. 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara 4WD. AC needs work. SD registration. 2800 clams. – ontheseaofcortez@icloud.com
  9. Big Tex 7’X12′ trailer w/rack and spare. Excellent tires. 600 – ontheseaofcortez@icloud.com
  10. 4’x8′ heavy duty metal work table on rollers. 350. Generac 2800PSI gas power washer 200. – ontheseaofcortez@icloud.com
  11. Blocksurf WrapRAX double travel surfboard rack.  Used on one trip to Costa Rica. 15 waves – alex.mitkus@gmail.com
  12. Morey boogie board with leash. 15 waves – alex.mitkus@gmail.com
  13. Home carbonated water system.  20 lb CO2 cylinder, 5-gallon stainless cornelius keg, heat exchanger and cooler.  50 glugs – maddogsinbaja@gmail.com
  14. one person ocean kayak 300 paddles – beekhof15@gmail.com
  15. 20′ Outrigger canoe (one man), with outrigger and connecting arms. Wgt 20 lbs. Used for offshore paddling and racing. !000 waves or best. Bill – 624-142-8097; Skype: 209-794-4114 
  16. Moving Sale: Wheelbarrow, Chop Saw, Snorkeling Set, SUP & Kayak Rack, Card Table, and much more. Email for a list of items. – ontheseaofcortez@icloud.com
  17. Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump. Never installed. Been sitting in my garage for 2 years as a backup. Todays price on Amazon 1,323 In La Ribera for pick up 1,100. Full description https://www.amazon.com/Hayward-SP2303VSP-MaxFlo-Variable-Speed-BLACK/dp/B01EMT6IIW angieatroutman@gmail.com
===the end===