16-Tue Mardi Gras/Carnival–At this time there are no festivities planned.
16 Tue Taco Tuesday 4-10 pm at Buena Vista Oceanfront & Hot Springs Resort , RSVP Required susette@buenavistaresort.mx
18 Thu Thirsty Thursday 4-9:30 pm at Buena Vista Oceafront & Hot Springs Resort , RSVP susette@buenavistaresort.com
19-Fri The Bookstore 9-11 noon. HighwayOneStorage – Across from El Arco Electrical, past Resol Gas, North of L.B. on the Right
19-Fri Wine Pairing Dinner with Chef Crystal at Wine Bar http://bit.ly/3aQdkS7 – losbarrileswine@gmail.com BPE#4206
20-Sat TRUE STORIES a benefit for The Guild Scholarship Fund. jackiereeves1002@gmail.com
See BPE# 4203
21-Sun TRUE STORIES a benefit for The Guild Scholarship Fund.
See BPE# 4203
27-Sat Full Snow Moon


  1.  Dr Gretel has some beautiful kittens that are in desperate need of socialization.  They are very timid and could really use some human time to make them adoptable.  Fostering makes a huge difference with kittens like this.  If you would like to help by fostering or adopting, please contact me.  Thanks so much.  jkshellard@hotmail.com –
  2. Looking to adopt tri-color male chihuahua puppy. recently lost our beloved dog and we are hurting. have a place with lots of love and a sister chihuahua waiting. – fsgavin@cs.com


  1.  Suzie’s will be closed this week while we do inventory and make room for new products. suziesconsignment@gmail.com
  2. Festival de Artes has been a springtime staple in the East Cape for 28 continual years.  Held the 3rd Sunday of March, Asociación de Artes brings together artists and commercial vendors, food and drink vendors and the best Mexican folkloric entertainment we can find.  This event has grown to be an event that the entire community in the East Cape and beyond has attended and enjoyed. But 2021 is still bringing us the Covid way of life, and due to the size of this event, we have had to make the very hard decision to cancelled it for this year….. We call it a “Covid leap year”.  We know that due to the size and the crowds we attract, we could not offer a safe event.  We understand the financial hardship it causes many artists that depend on this event for their very income, but health and safety had to come first. With that said, what a party it will be at Festival de Artes in 2022!!!   We are already thinking of ways to celebrate the return of our ‘normal’ Baja life!!!  It will be an event to beat all our events! The ‘show’ will go on, we are just taking a ‘leap year’.  So, make sure  you mark your calendar now for March 20, 2022 for the return of the event of the Baja SUR –  Festival de Artes!! – eastcapersmagazine@gmail.com
  3. Dear friends of ???? ???? ?????? ??????, ⁣⁣ ?? ??? ???? ?????????? ??????? ?????????? ??? ??? ???????, ???????? ??? ???? ???.  Please send to her via email, Facebook, or DM, a picture of your residency card, or just bring the card to the clinic too. She also needs your CURP, phone, and email. ⁣ Please share this information with your friends who might need assistance too. Thank you  – eastcapemedical@gmail.com


  1.  Does anyone know how Roku works that could explain it to me? I need help please. 624-141-0549 – bntjones2005@yahoo.com
  2. Does anyone have room for one more person on your Dish subscription, I have a receiver? 624-141-0549 – bntjones2005@yahoo.com
  3. Hola!  Any Canadians in the East Cape area who need a co-driver or a vehicle driven north, with a***border crossing into Alberta***, March or April?  Able to drive any car, truck, or RV (40 years trucking experience, 5 trips on Mex1&5).  Flexible on dates, route & length of trip. Thanks!….Brian   neener61@gmail.com 
  4. Need someone crossing the Mexican border to bring down a truck part. Will ship to you within 2 weeks.  part, 2 feet by 8″ approximately. – GPL040579@gmail.com
  5. Where can I purchase and have delivered a shipping container to E Cape location? We prefer a 20′. Newer/good condition necessary. Thanks! Alex – alexander1cook@gmail.com


  1.  TRUE STORIES by folks like you and me, featuring John Herschleb, Thea Thomas, Joe Flower, Linda Hunter, Camilla Ford, Bill Barbour, Celeste Benedict-Gut,  Cazz Dunbar, and Suzi Helmeke. Writers will each share a personal/true story on the theme: Lost and Found.
  2. Feb. 20th and 21st. at Yoga Garden.  A Benefit for The Guild Scholarship Fund.  Doors open at 6:30 with music by Kelly Partland. Stories start at 7pm. 500 pesos per person.  Limited tickets available. Email Jackie for reservations.  All COVID protocols will be enforced.  Seats will be spaced at least 6 feet apart  outside in the patio area, masks must be worn.  Temperatures taken and hand sanitizer will be available. – jackiereeves1002@gmail.com
  3. Fri, Feb 19, 6pm —  Seats still available! WINE PAIRING DINNER with Crystal Martinez aka ‘Chef Crystal of El Pirata’ who is taking the Los Barriles culinary scene to a whole new level specializing in delicate seafood dishes, This dinner will feature premium wines from international award winning winery Don Leo, Valle de Parras, México. $1400 pesos.  View the menu & get more info here: http://bit.ly/3aQdkS7 Seating limited to 24. Reserve your physically distanced, outdoor table today: losbarrileswine@gmail.com 


  1.  Wanted: A set of woman’s golf clubs for a 5’5” woman.  Prefer recent.  marcia7855@gmail.com
  2. Seats for boat. Fighting chair style, bucket, plastic, preferred. Also additionally need a pedestal and a base. ctoc99@hotmail.com 
  3. Wanted: Reggae Band. Piano player. Ukulele player. sweetpeastikibar@gmail.com
  4. Wanted: Used mountain bike for mature Mexican woman for exercise … please call Elsa at 612 1492630 – lafondadelpanque@hotmail.com
  5. Wanted: Squat rack + barbell  turner.james.ca@gmail.com 
  6. Two inch trailer hitch to haul kayak behind quad.  Needs to have raised higher lift arm and ball not needed.  Or recommend someone to build one. – catchus@bendcable.com


  1.  Emilio Fracchia Piemaker will be in LB Saturday at the old bus stop. Go to link for the menu and make your order on Face Book. https://www.facebook.com/emiliofracchiapiemaker
  2. Bella from the Saturday market is taking orders from her fabulous menu – she will deliver Monday from 11 am – 1 pm at 54 Barracuda(Michelle’s  house 3rd up from La Playa Restaurant. )The menu. Is posted on FB/Everything LB, link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/367341703636540/permalink/13276953r677601133 – michellemelehes@gmail.com
  3. Taco Tuesday • from 4 to 10 pm. Happy Hour 4 to 6 pm. For Reservations or Takeout orders. Call: 6241650347. RSVP Is required, Outdoor limited sitting. Remember, that we continue with all the Covid Protocols and safety measurements for the protection of our staff, guests and visitors. So … please wear a mask when you come. Thank you all. Drive down to our parking lot near our restaurant-(for us locals—Spa Buenavista Hotel) – susette@buenavistaresort.mx
  4. •Thirsty Thursday• 4 to 9pm-Happy Hour 4 to 6 pm-Domestic Drinks $80 pesos-Beer $40 pesos-From 4 to 6 pm •For Reservations or Takeout orders. Call: 6241650347. Remember drive down to our parking lot near the beach. RSVP Required , Limited outdoor sitting At Buena Vista Resort (for us locals—Spa Buenavista Hotel) ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
    Our newest offering is Thirsty Thursday where we are featuring Stuffed Baked Potatoes! Now our Organic Roasted Chicken & Salads! It is already a huge hit, stunning Mexicans (including myself) and expatriates alike. I recommend trying our Birria potato. It’s mouth-watering and delicious. Actually, all variations of our stuffed potatoes are incredible. They’re guaranteed to make Thursday nights with us a regular event in your lives. We have more things cooking, but we will let you know as we get them up and running. Remember, that we continue with all the Covid Protocols and safety measurements for the protection of our staff, guests and visitors. So … please wear a mask when you come. Thank you all. See you soon! Nos vemos pronto! Axel Valdez – susette@buenavistaresort.mx


  1.  Energetic Healer using sound and crystals to elevate, clear, and balance energy centers. Available now until 2/23/21. For more information visit… Donicalynnhealing.com call 209-743-5526 
  2. The last six week Session of the Season at Yoga Garden for Ball Fusion and Mat Pilates starts on February 23 and 26 at Yoga Garden. Ball Fusion at 8:00 am; Mat Pilates 9:30 am and preregistration is recommended as there will be no drop-in participants to ensure your safety and masks are required.  Lots of open air space, a heavy duty air cleaner and the entire East wall is open and the patio is always available for use along with a sanitizing station and temperature check. Kindly bring your own yoga mat and water bottle. Contact me to register or if you have any questions. – sefiheld@gmail.com


  1.  Wanted: Impact vest – men’s XL, possibly L. – sturgeonmouth@gmail.com
  2. Wanted: surf specific directional kiteboard – no longer than 5’6″ and no wider than 17-3/4″. The Slingshot Celero is too wide. – sturgeonmouth@gmail.com
  3. If anyone can carry one kiteboard from LB to Hood River or Portland, it would be greatly appreciated. Just a board, no kites. I’m currently in Ecuador, the board is bound for Padre Island. It’s an Ocean Rodeo 150, purchased from Exotikite 9 years ago. If it can’t find a ride, it’s for sale. – papamadre@gorge.net
  4. Two brand new 5m purple WingRide Model III Wings. 750 rides each. – windsrfchic@gmail.com
  5. Slingshot Dwarfcraft foil board 4’6”. Board only. 150 choyas – teamgogiss@gmail.com
  6. Cabrinha XO Freeride twin tip. 133 x 38.5. As new condition. 175 back rolls. – gs1ifx@yahoo.com
  7. Slingshot Wave SST quiver. 9/7/6 m with bar. Excellent condition. 1200 sessions – gs1ifx@yahoo.com
  8. ExotiKite Kiteboarding Wind Report | February 7-14 | February has brought us lighter winds and easy teaching conditions! No wind early last week made for beautiful days on the water SUPing and jet ski foiling.  The wind kicked in Thursday with a steady blow in the upper teens and smooth seas.  This week is forecasting lighter winds early week with it picking up Wednesday afternoon and peaking in the low 20’s on Thursday and continuing into Friday.  To book your lessons with us please contact info@exotikite.com or +1 541 380 0948.  See you on the water!


Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing
  1.  Hello my name is Gregorio, I am offering my services for the installation of marble, granite, tile, tile, floor polishing, ceiling sealing, painting, wood maintenance, concrete fence construction, cyclonic mesh installation and all kinds of maintenance. W.catymoreno86@gmail.com 
  2. EastCapeRoofing.  Local American run roofing specialist.  Waterproofing roofs with highest quality products and skilled local installers.  Free estimates and many references.  624-227- – eastcaperoofing@hotmail.com


  1. Ride needed from airport to LB February 25 arrives at 4:30 PM. One mask wearing person and one bag. Thank you! babsrob23@gmail.com 


THREE LINE LIMIT – Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.
  1.  2011 31’ Keystone Travel Trailer, Palo Blanco, 16,500 tortillas. https://bajasur.craigslist.org/tro/d/2011-keystone-31-travel-trailer/7277324330.html 
  2. Xantrex C40 charge controller.  Perfect condition.  At Los Frailes.  45 bananas – bajaed@outlook.com
  3. Great galvanized boat trailer in excellent condition and free 19 foot Starcraft boat. 1400 clams 6241686747 – muellerdieter88@yahoo.de
  4. 94 hobie 17 new main and jib. excellent condition. See on craigslist Baja. 2100. clamatoes. 6241686647 – muellerdieter88@yahoo.de
  5. O’Neil   impact vest.  Men size L.    40 hits    text 970-799-7068 or densaidyes at aol.com 
  6. Big, comfy Toyota Sienna minivan. US plates,195,210 miles. Still lots of life left in this car for families, small business, hauling gear, or modding for solo travel. Yours for 2,990 trips. Minivans are hard to find these days, take a look. https://bajasur.craigslist.org/cto/d/2002-toyota-sienna-minivan-us-plates/7269075500.html 
  7. Body Power heavy duty inversion table. Built with 2″ tubing. 115 flips. Txt to 541-546-4416. – johnnoyb@gmail.com
  8. Stainless 3 legged stool. 28″ high. Matches wire shelving from Costco. 25 sits. Txt 541-546-4416 – johnnoyb@gmail.com
  9. Four wrought iron barstools 100
  10. Four brand new (wrong size tires), with factory stickers Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 All-Terrain Radial Tire – 235/60R18 107HIn Los Barriles: 600 USD (brand new set of 4 were 850 USD imported to Baja) – hardtrance9@gmail.com

===the end===