2-Wed Recycling in El Cardonal 9-11am In La concha next to sub delegados office marilynpomeroy21@gmail.com
3-Thu East Cape Recycling 9-11am at Baja’s Resort at East Cape –
4-Fri Bookstore 9:00 to 11:00 am, located in Highway Storage across from El Arco on Hwy 1
4-Fri Art Show, Hotel Los Pescadores 4p-8p
6 Sun Holiday Art Show   Is this still on?


a.  Hello, lost my maui jim sun glasses on the sand trails just south of hotel Los Pescadores.  You would have come across them saturday morning nov 28.  500 peso for having found them.  Just drop off at hotel Pescadores, Patti’s place.  Thank you – Michael.Tom.Hudson@gmail.com


a.  RECYCLING is Thursday, December 3rd, 9.00am – 11.00am at Baja’s Resort at East Cape.  Please bring clean & sorted recyclables.  Use this link to find out what we can accept:
Covid precautions will be in place: wear a mask, maintain 6 feet distance whenever possible and wash your hands at the spigot next to the recycle center.
Your donation ($5 US/$100 pesos is the minimum suggested amount), helps cover the transportation of processed recyclables to La Paz.
Our program’s success is due to the generosity of volunteers. One hour/month of your time is all we ask 🙂 – info@eastcaperecycling.com

b.  Starting Jan 4th, Spanish Group Classes with Paulina! Limited to 4 students per class,taking proper Covid precautions in an open location in Los Barriles.  Save your spot for my group classes and immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and Spanish language. 20+ years experience teaching Spanish. !Ven y aprende español este 2021! – spbaja5@gmail.com

c.  It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of open mic at la fogata. we will keep you posted as to a new start date. thank you all for the support. la fogata itself is still open.


a.  Does anyone need a vehicle driven to the Phoenix area? I have driven the Baja 40 times. You pay for the gas and I’ll drive it for free. Bob @ 624-142-8063

b.  Calendar shows a Holiday Art show on Dec 6th.   Still happening?   Any other information? filetnrelease@gmail.com


a.  Art Show – Colin Harivel and Pam Hilburn will be displaying their works of art at Hotel Los Pescadores Dec 4.  4pm to 8pm.  A drawing will be held for discounted art work pricing, etc.  Glass of Prosecco for the guests will be provided as well as botanas. They are both very accomplished at their trade.  We hope you can come and enjoy the afternoon. – contact@fisheastcape.com

WANTED –  Repeats in one week

a.  Wanted:  travel trailer 5th wheel king pin tripod stabilizer.  Contact Brian.   neener61@gmail.com

b.  Wanted:  looking for any leads to finding the framing guy. san jose? santiago? los barriles? steven7eking@gmail.com 

c.  Wanted:  stationary bike or indoor bike trainer stand for bicycle – lbsweet38@gmail.com


a.  Simply… freshly made food in Los Barriles for you to enjoy at home.  Thanksgiving leftovers don’t last forever.  Here’s my menu for next week to give you a break from cooking  *Vietnamese mint salad – a refreshing slaw mix  * 3 bean medley – a satisfying stew * Melanzane Parmigiana – Italian eggplant bake *   Orders will be ready for collection in town on Wednesday 2nd December.  For more info or place an order email: simplylosbarriles@gmail.com   Or find me on Facebook @simplylosbarriles


a.  Are you one of the people here who don’t know that there is a chiropractor in town who can help you with your pain and discomfort, usually without wrenching you into a pretzel? Dennis O’Brien uses a highly effective soft-touch method that has helped me a lot. So I’m helping him get the word out. The soft-touch method is only one of many ways he can help you. Don’t waste time being in pain if you don’t have to. Talk to him: 970-799-7068 (WhatsApp too). – Jennifer Flower – alighton@me.com


a.  In LB for the winter, assorted used and new Northwave sails for sale along with new Takuma WingRide wings and foil boards. Email us for what we have. – northwave@northwavesails.com

BAJA BIZ –   Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing

a.  Salt+Cotton NEW ARRIVALS!  This week arrivals from our independent designers in Baja.  Dresses and skirts from Todos Santos and tunics, sweatshirts and pants from San Jose.  Also in stock, organic essential oils from the the Baja Mandala farm in Todos Santos.  We celebrate local, Mexican, small businesses by buying local, sustainable products and supporting fair trade for artisans.  We are open 9am-3pm, Tuesday-Saturday or by appointment.  saltcottonbaja@gmail.com

b.  dish receiver  for long term lease  loaded  all channels  east coast feed  for networks   all movie channels except hbo – annabeckz1@yahoo.com

c.  Mail Boxes Los Barriles is your one stop resource to ship down darn near anything you may need from the USA.  We rent mail boxes, move households of furniture and can deliver your vehicle from anywhere to or from the USA to Baja.  We are very happy to help you with registering your vehicle in South Dakota, quick and easy.  Take a peek: mailbaja.com or give us a call at 624-151-5530 Mx 3102-272-9500 USA  Terry and Judith are at your service with a big happy smile to see you. – mailbarriles@gmail.com

d.  EastCapeRoofing.  Local American run roofing specialist.  Waterproofing roofs with highest quality products and skilled local installers. Free estimates and many references.  624-227-1170.  Chuck – eastcaperoofing@hotmail.com

e.  Valdez outfitter is ready for this hunting season for all of those hunters in the area, we have morning dove hunts locally, we also have package for duck hunt in los mochis sinaloa, for information or availability and prices please contact esaul valdez at esavalmar@gmail.com or call him at 624-129-6525 –

f.   PALO BLANCO PEST CONTROL- Call us out We’ll keep the bugs out!!  Nick Castro (6242114815) (6241378657) (6241219566)  Paloblancopestcontrol@gmail.com  We are located in La Ribera We’ll bug you.

g.  LB GPS Trackers ONLY $99 (includes installation) and Get a GPS tracker for your ATV or side by side!… easy to use! Real time tracking on your Phone or your computer… set and alarm and the GPS tracker will call your cellphone if someone starts the engine of your ATV or side by side.   Email lbgpstrackers@gmail.com for more info

h.  ExotiKite Kiteboarding Wind Report | November 22-28 | The week started off in the upper teens on Sunday but dropped off Monday/Tuesday as the clouds rolled in and seas calmed.  Fishermen were happy to get out in tranquil seas with wahoo and dorado being the catch of the week!  Wednesday and Thursday the winds returned in the upper teens.  The overnight offshore flow began Thursday evening, promising and delivering high winds Friday and Saturday as gusts reached mid-20’s.  This week looks windy almost everyday, with a possible dip mid-week.  ExotiKite Kiteboarding is open everyday, 9am-5pm.  Contact us to schedule your kiteboarding, wingfoiling or foilboarding lessons.  WhatsApp +1 541 380 0948 Email info@exotikite.com



Hi, I am looking to caravan down to LB sometime in the next week or two. My preferred Crossing would be at Mexicali where we could meet up and then spend the first night in San Felipe. I preferred to drive no more than five or six hours each day. If interested please contact me Ron Solomon at rshi5@yahoo.com

NOT WANTED – THREE LINE LIMIT!! –   Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.

a.  Porter-Cable Plate Joiner – Model 557 Type 1. Like New. With Biscuits 200 tacos. see at: bajaur.craigslist.org/tls/d/porter-cable-plate-joiner/7237774811.html judelar1@gmail.com

b.  Miscellaneous Bakeware, all for 30 degrees, view at https://bajasur.craigslist.org/for/7237948630.html – curtain.1988@gmail.com

c.  Presto 23 Quart Pressure Canner and CooKer with 13 boxes of jars and lids. 175 meals, view at https://bajasur.craigslist.org/for/7237961098.html – curtain.1988@gmail.com

d.  Nuwave Induction Cooktop , 50 pots, view at https://bajasur.craigslist.org/for/7238001957.html – curtain.1988@gmail.com

e.  Cuisinart Pressure Cooker, like new with instructions, 50 dinners, view at https://bajasur.craigslist.org/for/7238008695.htmlcurtain.1988@gmail.com

f.  KitchenAid Mixer with grinder / shredder / slicer / strainer attachments – 400 cakes, view at https://bajasur.craigslist.org/for/7238023871.html – curtain.1988@gmail.com

g.  X-Large Pyrex Bowl, Ladles, Mixing Bowls and Spoons – 35 lumps for all – curtain.1988@gmail.com

h.  14 ft Duroboat, no leaks, older 25 hp Evinrude 2 stroke, beach launch cradle and small older trailer. Finishing some electrical upgrades but email if you want to have a look. $2800 pesca.
Penn fathom master 600 downrigger, no cable.  25 casts. – glenmilner@telus.net

i.  Free: Epson 220 Magenta and Cyan cartridges. Unopened.  Pam@HomesAndLandOfBaja.com

j.  New Jeep soft top with frame and windows for 2013 wrangler.  500. What’s app 970-379-7803.  Never used. – scronenberg1@gmail.com

===THE END===