Information provided by:  https://coronavirus.bcs.gob.mx/casos-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR0KMMYLmafYDw8bgUM6UkzCPToxCrWUOrDG_muWuHH4qvcwDTp-cuASYbE

a.  From the Health Clinic:  In the month of August, we performed 13 PCR nasal swab tests and 21 rapid antibody tests. Our staff gets regular, random testing regardless of symptoms. We’ve developed protocols that are constantly evolving in accordance with research and recommendations from the experts to keep our staff and patients safe. We’ve rearranged our waiting rooms, providing strict social distancing policies and maximum capacities for our facilities. Since March we have been tracking the body temperature and symptoms of all staff at the entrance and exit of the clinic each workday. All patients entering the clinic now must step on a sanitizing mat, wear a mask, apply hand sanitizer, and have their temperature checked before entering the clinic. Thanks to donations from our generous community, anyone who needs a cloth, the reusable mask can have one free of charge. Additionally, we are now ordering a doctor’s order with a probable diagnosis for all chest X-rays.

Our clinic has been working closely with the Centro de Salud, the Delegado, and Civil Protection in preparation for the pandemic. When we receive donations from the community, we always share the overflow with the local community workers, including N95 masks and pulse oximeters. We recently had a generous donation from Tori Wickland for 3 new pulse oximeters and a pediatric pulse oximeter. These key instruments are expensive and hard to find. We appreciate all our friends and fans of the clinic who are helping us in these difficult times.

We do what we can for this community and with your support, we’re able to do more.  The support that we received to acquire the COVID Personal Protection Equipment and the COVID Containment Chambers for the Ambulances was amazing.  And when we asked for support to help keep our doors open as the result of the economic slowdown that came with this pandemic, the outpouring of aid was awesome.  Thank you.   We continue to expand the breadth and quality of our services while providing care to those who otherwise could not afford (with a focus on the children) with discount programs.  And we’re able to do so through the revenue that we receive from the use of our services plus the generous donations.  We are fortunate to have partnerships with Leaders2Give and ICF who provide 501(c)3 Tax Deduction receipts for US Citizens.  If you’d like to contribute toward our efforts please visit our website: EastcapeHealthCenter.org/donate.



a.  Hi all Felipe Valdez here,  Amigos winter is coming the Pacific coast awaits for you. This will be my third season hosting this surfcasting tours to Rancho La Aguja. Join for me for this 3 day 2 night adventure with 4 sessions of surf fishing for roosterfish, jacks, snook, curvina and more. My dates for november will 10th to 12th and 17th to 19th. This is a personalize tour of minimum 2 people and max 4 people. Last year November was our best month for Roosters with many caught over the 30lb. This tours include transportation from LB to La Aguja, meals and tackle. If you would like to join me this season, send me an email to felipe.valdezmtz@gmail.com or give me a call to +52-624-1225019.
I´ll look forward to share some moments on the beach with you,

b.  Which cellphone provider works best in Los Barriles? Seems to be the most asked question this time of year. Let’s start with LB. The cell towers in Los Barriles belong to Telcel, Telefonica and ATT. Those providers have contracts to share access with all of the US/Canadian providers. For example, let’s say that you are a Verizon customer in the US. Verizon does not own any towers in Mexico. Okay, a couple at the airport. Verizon has contracts with the three companies in our area to connect their customers. Therefore you may see that your phone is actually connected to TelCel when you have a contract with Verizon. The ATT tower provides primary service to ATT customers, but that tower is not conveniently located to all locations in the Los Barriles area. A large number of newer cell phones allow “internet calling”. That connects your cellphone to WiFi and then your calls will travel over the internet. If you have a fast internet, that works well. Cell data speeds may vary depending on your US Provider. Mexico will provide priority service to it’s own customers leaving those of us who “piggy back” with slower speeds during busy times.

US carriers provide different cost options for service in Mexico. Before you leave, it’s best to check with your provider to make sure you have the best plan for Mexico. T mobile has a Senior Plan that offers unlimited calls, texts and data from anywhere in North America. Beware of unlimited data plans. If you use it as a “hotspot”, those companies will begin to reduce your speed after you reach their predetermined limit. If you are a data “hog”, they may cancel your service.

Here is a link to Mexican Cell phone carriers: https://www.weexpats.com/best-cell-phone-plans-for-living-in-mexico/ I have a plan with Telcel that gives me unlimited calls and texts in North America with 3 GB of data for 400 pesos per month.

Some very good alternatives are Skype, What’s App and Facebook Messenger. With Skype you can call toll free numbers at no charge. Skype does charge a very small amount to call a direct dial number. For $60 per year you can have a virtual phone number that people can call. You can use an old cellphone as a dedicated Skype phone or add the app to your current phone. Remember a good internet connection is a must. The critical part of the internet speed is the upstream bandwidth. You should have at least .6kbps up for the person you are calling to hear you clearly. Test you connection with speedtest.net. If anyone else is surfing on your network during your call, the call will be choppy.

The final consideration is the type of phone you have. Not all cellphones are equal in terms of quality and I’m not referring to look and feel. The antenna quality, antenna location and radio frequencies do vary. By the way, 5G service is still in the infant stage in the US and non-existent in Baja. Don’t rush out to buy a 5G phone.  thecomputerguy@usa.com

c.   We have troubles in Idaho with bats especially in Lake Houses but others too. The best thing I have heard is to have automatic lights go on at dusk, the brighter the better. in the immediate area of the bats. They don’t like light.  Carol Amburgy


a.   Can someone tell me the quality of at&t cell service in the east cape please? – rkreveg@hotmail.com  (perfect timing)

b.  Is anyone going to canada or the states who would be willing to mail a letter for me thanks pat – pro.ogilvie@gmail.com

c.  Is there a spa dealer in Cabo or La Paz? – swilhelms@sbcglobal.net

WANTED –  Repeats in one week

a.  Wanted:  carpet installer needed. hombre pora instalicaion la fombra. in los barrilles. contact me at eljdds@gmail.com or usa cell 9492922882

b.  Wanted:  Queen or Double ( matrimonial ) size mattress in good condition – chicaconchita@gmail.com

c.  Wanted:  Does anyone have two kayaks to sell for my lovely clients who are moving to LB in November? emmajn100@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you!


a.  Simply…. freshly made food in Los Barriles.  This week all things vegetable      * Gazpacho – Fresh cold Spanish tomato soup * Vietnamese mint salad – A refreshing zingy slaw mix * Tasty tater pasties – Sweet potato, black bean and feta with a hint of rosemary * Vegetable lasagne -Veggies layered in smooth white sauce and pasta ready to bake*     Pre-order for collection in town on Wednesday morning  23rd September. Please get in touch to find out more and place your order. simplylosbarriles@gmail.com  Or find me on Facebook @simplylosbarriles

BAJA BIZ –   Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing

a.  Los Cabos Full Service Storage Facility, conveniently located next to the Los Cabos International Airport. Providing both residential and commercial clients the solution to storing their goods in Los Cabos. All units are drive up with easy access with extra wide, asphalted driveways. ☞ info@sjstorage.comhttps://www.sjstorage.com/ – (624)146-1390

b.  Mattress Wholesale Spring Air. American, Mexican and Hotel sizes. Quality and Service. Get a free quote now! Call 6241856000 Pablo – pablovan32@hotmail.com

c.   CarFer Aluminum.  Aluminum, PVC windows/Doors & Hurricane Shutters.  We have the best systems and prices around.  Get your free quote – carferlr@gmail.com

d.  Mail Boxes Los Barriles is here for you 100%, mail, packages, meds, vehicles and entire households from our San Diego address weekly to Los Barriles.  Give us a call 624-151-5530 Mex 310-272-9500 USA email      mailbarriles@gmail.com web mailbaja.com Terry and Judith at your service 10-4 M-F. –

RENTALS WANTED  NO MORE For Sale by owner  or real estate companies,  BEFORE YOU POST CHECK OUT THE RENTALS PAGE

a.  In town (LB) rental position for one retired senior for one to two weeks beginning Nov.17; nonsmoker, nondrinker with excellent local references.  thomwdavis@gmail.com


Caravan:  Leaving via Tecate October 12-14 to Los Barriles. Stops in San Quintin/El Rosario then Santa Rosalia . – bajavalentine@gmail.com

Caravan: Any one wanting to caravan to Calif (San Diego) around the end of the month (September) let me know.  Ted
619 981 2450  ntcdev@aol.com

NOT WANTED – THREE LINE LIMIT!! –   Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.

a.  Generator 11,000 kilowatts. Diésel engine .Good conditions.jurassicrockrey@gmail.com


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