TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020  –  #4108

Update on Jon:  He’s doing better, still in ICU but it’s looking so positive
We still need BLOOD 🩸 🩸 The hours for blood donors are Monday through Saturday. 8am- 12 noon.  Any one under 65  Please donate those that can. It is really needed.  The transfusion Jon has received has really helped.  PLEASE DONATE AT H+ HOSPITAL.

– May 2020

20 Wed Rotary regular weekly meeting by Zoom 10am MX/ 9am PDT screed10@gmail.com
21 Thu Cancelled!! Recycle at Baja’s Awesome Beach Rides, 9-11
25 Mon Memorial Day US
25 Mon Class with Sarah 9:30am Free 30 minute Yoga http://www.losbarrilesyoga.com/online
27 Wed Rotary regular weekly meeting by Zoom 10am MX/ 9am PDT screed10@gmail.com


a.  We are moving from Tucson to LB does anyone know if we can get across ANY border yet with a trailer full of household appliances and furniture? – barb_carolan@hotmail.com

b.  Driving to San Diego first of June need co-pilot. Plan to make 3 stops to sleep in hotels with pools. Contact me soon @  cindygfnp@gmail.com

c.  We are interested in chatting with anyone who has had treatment
for WMD  (eye problem) in Baja Sur either LaPaz or Los Cabos.
Bajajoanna@gmail.com – bajajoanna@gmail.com

WANTED –  Repeats in one week

a.  Wanted:  quality CBD oil or CBD THC blend  tessabarriles@gmail.com

b.  Wanted:  Used electric power washer in good condition. phyllis@phyllisnewton.com

c.  Wanted:  ISO. Books on CD.  Long drive without them!!  541-588-0017 or sampsonje@gmail.com

d,   Buy $$$ in hand 4×4 backhoe bulldozer or bobcat 4×4  swampdonkeys86@gmail.com


a.  Wednesday May 20th in Carmen’s Place Mexican combo (chile relleno, chicken enchilada, rice & beans) $120. Cinnamon rolls or banana bread $50 each. Make your order and pick at noon. karmenskafe@gmail.com 6241298383.

b.  Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort restaurant “El Navegante” will have special take out Wednesday, our chef’s special shrimp chile relleno, please place order before wed 12 pm there will be limited orders, $200ps per order, 624-129-6525 or esavalmar@gmail.com, orders will be ready for pick up at 5:30 pm

c.  Enjoy this Teriyaki Tuesday at Cafe Maria! Try our Chicken Teriyaki Special with a spring roll or our Chicken Kabobs with teriyaki sauce and grilled pineapple! We have salted caramel chocolate chip cookies for dessert, it’s long to explain but they’re delicious! place your orders by email pris.cafemaria@gmail.com or call us 14 105 11 / Regular menu available. BTW we have fresh cabrilla.

BAJA BIZ –   Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing

a.  Compost, fertilizer and potting soil from Santiago. free delivery! $240 pesos per 35 kilo bag. 2.4 cubic ft. (wheelbarrow full) 6241554036 or irisleonides@yahoomcom.mx

b.  one full grown  co  with  cocos   base to bottom of  leaves   40  feet   beautiful   clean   tree    talllll  delivered   and   planted   must have acces   30 ft from  where the hole will be.800 us  prawns            two date palms   15 feet   from  base to  top  of leaves   800  us  cocos – ronlaribera@yahoo.com

c.  need  big trees moved?   or any thing  heavy   crane for hire   laribera   15 mile radius   from laribera – ronlaribera@yahoo.com

d.  “911 Organic”   Delicious local vegetables delivered weekly right to your doorstep. 2 sizes of boxes, the weekly cost per box is:
-heaping box (600 cocos)
-medium size box (400 cocos), limited supply, contact Fany to reserve now! +1.206.403.8923
911organic@gmail.com – damianfanych@gmail.com

e.  Are you interested in learning Spanish constantly but you’re not always in the same place? With online lessons it won’t matter where you are or how much you move around… Don’t lose what you’ve learned! I am Mexican and have been a teacher for some years now… I use a method and complement it with other enjoyable activities that make learning easier! – spanish.online.with.anne@gmail.com


a.  2008 Rhino 700  Heather jandhmotors@outlook.com 624 155 2270

b.  Brand new. Hanes Pullover Bra 2-Pack ComfortFlex Fit Racerback size XL white. 300 stretches  Bajajoanna@gmail.com

===THE END===