SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2020 –

CALENDAR – May 2020

18 Mon Class with Sarah 9:30am Free 30 minute Yoga http://www.losbarrilesyoga.com/online
20 Wed Rotary regular weekly meeting by Zoom 10am MX/ 9am PDT screed10@gmail.com
21 Thu Cancelled!! Recycle at Baja’s Awesome Beach Rides, 9-11
25 Mon Memorial Day US


a.  I would like to fly from LAX-SJD on June 2. I would pick up my van at Anchor Storage, pick-up my dogs in El Cardonal, then head back to CA. Does the situation/authority  in Baja allow me to do this? Insights welcome. I am getting conflicting stories on what “lock-down” means.  Thanks! Alex Cook alexander1cookATgmail.com – alexander1cook@gmail.com

b. Is anyone driving down from northern CA soon? I must get to my house urgently and do not want to drive alone. – kasselorchids@yahoo.com

c.  Anyone willing to sell or rent an old vehicle so that I can get around if I have to fly down? L.B. – kasselorchids@yahoo.com


a.  This Wednesday May 20th in Carmen’s Place Mexican combo (chile relleno, chicken enchilada, rice & beans) $120. Cinnamon rolls or banana bread $50 each. Make your order and pick at noon. karmenskafe@gmail.com 6241298383.

===THE END===