WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2020  –  #4100


MAY 2020

07 Thu DATE CHANGE!! Today 5/7- East Cape Guild General Meeting on ZOOM kaplotkin@aol.com
07 Thu Cancelled Recycle Baja’s Resort at East Cape, 9-11
07 Thu Full Flower Moon
09 Sat Rotary Board meeting via Zoom 10am BCS/ 9am PDT
10 Sun Mother’s Day in Mexico, Canada and USA


a.  Volunteer Makers Needed to transform pre-cut and sterilized Topo Chico bottles into face shields for the medical and front line workers. All it takes is some time, a little patience and finesse to attach the wire! We’ll arrange delivery of all the materials you need, and pick up the finished product when you’re done. Email laureleastman@protonmail.com & please join our community group on Facebook if you’re interested in this project: COVID19 East Cape Responde

b.  Are you cleaning closets and tidy your garage? Can you save your donations for
Capsforcancerbaja for their garage sale in December?  We raise funds to purchase yarn for our volunteers who make caps, blankets and booties etc for kids and adults with cancer,a children’s rehabilitation center and orphans   Annette iikaiser@frii.com

c.  Fur Face Pet Spa along with support from amazing people to help bag food and those that have monetarily helped is still working to Feed those Fur Faces.  I now have a PayPal Account if you are out of the area and would like to help.  I have formed a name for the Gals that are helping Bag-We are the Bag Ladies!  A little sense of humor goes along way.  Email me if you would like to help out-Thank You, Vickie – vickieaheaps@gmail.com

d.  Recycling Update: May collection has been canceled, however we remain hopeful that in June we’ll be able to accept your household recyclables again. Please stay tuned, stay safe, stay healthy. – info@eastcaperecycling.com

e.  Port Captains are Federal employees as all ports are Federal property. – paydennis@gmail.com


a.  We have 1 possibly 2 vehicles driving to San Diego with 1 returning.  Room for 3-6 people who need to get there.  Trusted driver with a lot of experience and an itinerary to follow.  Dates are a bit flexible but planning to go in the next 10 days.  Call me for details.  Terry Gray Curtis 624-151-5530 – mailbarriles@gmail.com

b.  Hi Neighbors, just read about a person from my area (LV)  driving home to Canada and at one of the inspection spots they were concerned even though the person had gloves,.  so IMHO one should give them a squirt of gel before unlocking any doors or trunk, give them a shot of the gel for each one you unlock.     Worth a try.   I bet they ran out of gel 2 months ago.    Gel can be purchased in 5 liters from Zapopan and Sams has it in stock LaPaz.   – dean@mosquitoswithoutborders.com

c.  Headed to San Diego June3-5 . Maybe Caravan would be advised?? Tim and Cindy – bajavalentine@gmail.com

d.  Does anyone know where I can buy an air valve for a avon 10ft. inflatable boat please.  Also, a gas line to motor connector three eights inch gas line connector for either evenrude, omc or brp motor.  the smaller connection point. – scurrchris@hotmail.com

e.  To anyone who has very recently flown from San Jose Airport back to the US.  Were any precautions being taken before boarding an American Airlines flight such as taking your temperature, etc.? – erlablink@gmail.com

f.  Are you flying or driving North soon? Please considering escorting a dog or puupy North. Flight is paid for pup or if driving up, gas money is offered. Over 75 dogs needing rides up, Please email: info@cortezrescue.org Thank you!

g.  driving to the san francisco bay area soon? I have a small kiteboard that wants to go home. please email be if you can take it. i will bring it to you padded and ready to load. – charlieogletree@gmail.com

h.  Where in LB can I buy water for solar system batteries?
Ed in Los Frailes – jeatte@msn.com

i.  need help sending a very small package posted in us fedx or ups in the near future. Contact ernie at eljdds@gmail.com, or 0019492922882

WANTED –  Repeats in one week

a.  Wanted:  Polaris Ranger 3 seater that is older 500-800  cc model 4×4. Need cosmetics fine. For launching wave runners and light duty around the house. 5000 or less – rbrews4u@gmail.com

b.  Wanted:  used microwave in good condition for a local family with 3 kids and working parents (well, working when restrictions are lifted.) reasonably priced and clean, please. – padhilburn@gmail.com

c.  Wanted:  a hard, plastic kiddie pool for my dog to cool off in – sherielliott@shaw.ca

d.  Wanted:  ASAP! 2014-2018 Apple Airbook or MacBook Pro  power charger..? Any condition.  Joshua Hassell (624) 159-0853  yotalleyho@gmail.com

e.  Wanted:   220Volt compressor repaired anyone in LB area that has experience please call 624 151 1644 Bob at Dos Amigos Tapicera Located KM 111 one block South of new gas station.  bbprentice@yahoo.com


a.  Cafe María will be open again for take-out only on Saturday May 09th, with the Hamburger Special Weekend: BBQ, Teriyaki, Pineapple, French Fries, Onion Rings, and more, send an email to receive our menu to pris.cafemaria@gmail.com. The regular menu is available too. Orders can be placed by email or phone: 14 10511

b.   Remember that Gourmet Pizza San Antonio is open every friday after 11 am with fresh bread, pizza, salads, pasta, apple strudel and shellfish, you can order and pick up !!  6121775806 or productosgourmetbcs@gmail.com


a.  Dr. Luis Cardenas – Orthopedic Specialist, will be at the Clinic this Friday, May 08th. Appointments can be made by calling 624 14 2 33 11 – charlene.wenger@gmail.com

BAJA BIZ –   Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing

a.  ¡Hola! Are you interested in learning Spanish no matter if you are in Mexico or back home? How about some Spanish online? I am Mexican, I use a method and complement it with other enjoyable activities that make learning easier… I offer a minimum of one hour weekly, a free video call to answer all of your questions and once you are my student we can text through WhatsApp in case you are in the need of advice… I will be happy to receive your emails and give you more info! – spanish.online.with.anne@gmail.com

b.  Mail Boxes Los Barriles is here to help make your life better.  How may we help you today?  Meds, parts, mail, SD vehicle registration?  Since 2018,  mailbaja.com      mailbarriles@gmail.com  Terry Gray Curtis T-W-T 10am – 4pm, 624-151-5530 tel cel 310-272-9500 USA

c.  We live in a digital era. Online presence is stronger than ever. Share your message with the world using Graphic Design. Thoughtful, artistic and intelligent compositions tell a story. Contact and more info on our website! healingwinds.space

d.  We deliver to your door!  Costo, Walmart and Santa Carmela Grocery Delivery in Cabo, Los Barriles and Todos Santos Area. You can send your list to us, we will buy it and then you can pay at your home according to the ticket plus a small fee per order depending on the amount. keep in mind that we have to set a minimum of orders so we can make the trip. if you’re interested please leave us a comment so we can discuss about which days would be better for everyone. thanks – krakendivers@gmail.com

e.  Gardenia Duran – Attorney at Law provides Legal Services in the entire East Cape area. English Spoken. Contact me at the following email if you have any legal situation gardeniaduran@hotmail.com or call me  624 128 4624

RENTALS WANTED & HOUSE SITTING NO MORE For Sale by owner  or real estate companies, For Rent, House-sitting. – Repeats in ONE week. 

a.  Rental Wanted:  a house for long term rent two or three bedrooms in the area of  Barriles or Buena vista  tomascruz97@hotmail.com

NOT WANTED – THREE LINE LIMIT!! –   Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.

a.  Brand new 20’ x20’x20’ triangle shade sail, terra-cotta.
50 shady days.  Bajajoanna@gmail.com

b.  Body Power Inversion Table, 100 tilts. Bajajoanna@gmail.com

c.  Electric Mountain Bike – tcbusa@live.com

d.  2006 Mercedes E-350, beautiful Sedan with all power options, One non smoking owner, AWD, Great gas mileage.perfect car to drive back to US, fast and safe 624-137-7721 or  bajasur.craigslist.org/cto/d/2006-mercedes-benz-e350/7096994734.html – palapapaul@gmail.com

e.  https://bajasur.craigslist.org/bik/d/electric-mountain-bike/7111650978.html

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