SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2020  –  #4575

Notes: This is getting a difficult. So many of you have great ideas about what to do, when to do it and how. In my opinion, it’s crossing the line over to “opinions”.  The comments and replies fill up my inbox.  Stick with the facts……..if someone publishes a suggestion, do your research and check with your MD to see if it is valuable and safe for you. You all know the disclaimer scenario, “The BPE does not endorse…….etc., etc.”.

Also, let’s keep the local employees working, order a To Go dinner and shop locally.     FB rumor, Smokey’s is and/or has Ruben Sandwiches!  624-141-0294 or text US cell 858-231-1358 for to go orders or free home delivery

Here’s a smile.  Ducky has diligently been on virus patrol and wants nothing more than for us all be able to roam to our hearts content!  Cheryl

Empty!  Watch for the next full moon, April 7th


a.  All Catholic masses have been canceled until future notification. TheTemplo is closed for all of our safety. God Bless you all!!

b.  You may or may not know that yesterday the Mexican government Closed all ports in Baja from Cabo to Ensenada. This statement also made it clear there would be no boats in or out. No recreational sports fishing and no commercial fishing. The article in the Mexican paper said that it is in effect until further notice but I suspect 60 days. The only ships in would be emergency vessels. A bad omen and of course will crush any tourism for this summer. 2 months would also probably mean cancellation of the Bisbee but I have not spoken with Wayne yet. This is from the Mexican paper in Cabo directly.  Stay healthy and inside,  All the closures are both Sea of Cortez and Pacific sides.

c.  El Cardonal recycling is postponed until further notice due to the Coronavirus. Thanks
Marilyn Pomeroy 5103506336. – marilynpomeroy21@gmail.com

d.  This is an “idea” for a way around disinfecting wipes (that we cannot even get here!).
Take a bag of baby wipes, cut out the bottom, take them out and put them in a zip-lock baggie. Pour 1 to 1.5 cups of Clorox into the bag and mix it up. There you go, disinfectant wipes. Be sure to mark the baggie. – charlene.wenger@gmail.com

e.  East Cape Health Center discussion for oxygen compressors. We have access through our medical providers for brand new compressors that serve dual purpose. These machines will take room air and convert the 21% in exchange for medical grade oxygen, this device has dual function with nebulizer capability. This dual function helps with respiratory support in the event of exacerbation of asthma, emphysema, COPD or pneumonia.  If you have budgetary restraints we are selling our old fully functional compressors without the nebulizer capability. IF you are interested in contributing or purchasing one for your home please email me at
charlene.wenger@gmail.com or call or stop by the clinic 624-124-8203

f.  Carmen’s Place is closing for the season.

g.  As of 3/27 according to https://coronavirus.bcs.gob.mx/  BCS has 10/ two in LAP, 8 Cabo

h.  Via Lori M. FB:  This just in from a friend of a friend who works in the State Department: “American citizens currently in Mexico should enroll in the STEP program on the State Department website.” The “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program” (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Registration makes your presence known, and enables a consular official to contact you in case of an emergency. https://step.state.gov/


a.  Dr Gretel just had 4 adorable siamese mix kittens dropped off.  They were heard crying and rescued by a caring local woman.  We believe the momma cat has been killed. The kittens are around 5 weeks old and eating solid food.  If you would like to foster or adopt please call or email Kris at 52 624 182 3068 or jkshellard@hotmail.com

b.  Lots of dogs and puppies in need are coming into Cortez Rescue and because of the pandemic, dogs are not getting to their furever homes.  During this crisis we would love to find some fosters for our fur babies!  If can help please contact info@cortezrescue.org or call Kris at 52 624 182 3068.  There is nothing better than a furry companion during self isolation. – jkshellard@hotmail.com


a.  Copied from LB Delegacion FB page:  ATTENTION, IF THERE WILL BE ELECTRICAL ENERGY!  Due to the health contingency, CFE informs us that if you will have electric energy this Monday March 30th in the communities mentioned in the previous statement.  For your attention thank you. PLEASE SHARE.

b.  Help needed for David Lucero. He is the young gardener and odd jobs guy in Los Barriles and Buena Vista. He is hardworking, reliable and a gentle soul. He was rushed to Fedipaz for an emergency appendectomy. He needed the surgery immediately .His surgery was successful. The family cannot come up with enough money to get him out of the hospital. They will not release him until they have been paid,  which includes 3,000 pesos a days stay. The total owed is 35,000 pesos. We have raised 18,000 pesos and he needs to be released this weekend. If you could make a donation towards these expenses, there is a donation box for David at LB Properties (Betto Cota’s office)
Put the money in an envelope with your name so he can thank you. Thank you for your generosity. For more information contact Annette iikaiser@frii.com

c.  Capsforcancerbaja–Hello all you stay at homes! It is time for spring cleaning! Would you be kind enough to donate your no longer needed  goods to our cause. We are a group of volunteers who knit and crochet caps, blankets etc for the children with cancer at Casa Valentina, Salviterra Hospital, Casa Reto, where women are recovering from Cancer, Casa Cuna, the orphanage, and  Nuevo Creations.  The garage sale, this year in the Cancha in Los Barriles the Sunday before Christmas. This is our only source of income to purchase yarn for the next year.  Also in need are children’s clothing. If you are coming back to Baja please bring us some of your grandchildren’s outgrown clothing.  I can arrange for pickup in Los Barriles. Annette iikaiser@frii.com


a.  Is anyone flying or driving north in the next few days. I have a small envelope with a pendant inside that is all packaged and stamped. Just needs to be put in any mailbox. Elizabeth Perkins, edesignsbaja@aol.com, 1418013 or 425 440 9404.

b.  Caravan:  Looking for someone to caravan with from SJD area to U.S. border. Departure date flexible.  Call Dennis @ 208-720-0296.

RENTALS WANTED & HOUSE SITTING NO MORE For Sale by owner  or real estate companies, For Rent, House-sitting. – Repeats in ONE week. 

a.  Rental Wanted:  house for long term rent in Barriles or Buena Vista

b.  Rental Wanted:  January 2021 to rent in the LB area. Waterfront would be good.
8mm8bella@gmail.com 124-8071

NOT WANTED – THREE LINE LIMIT!! –   Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.

a.  J&H Motors disposing a  Polaris Ranger for a client  2100 cocos – jandhmotors@outlook.com  https://bajasur.craigslist.org/snw/7097910987.html

b.  Pickup Camper-1999 Fleetwood Angler 600 sleeps  Ted US Cell 320-761-1181

c.  one van ticket to airport form LB, Tue Mar 31 @ 8:55 am  250 mx  triplej@frontier.net

d.  2001 8 passenger full size Chevy van Makes great work truck.  Now 3300 Peppers.  https://bajasur.craigslist.org/cto/d/2001-chevy-van-reduced/7084786186.html

e.  2005 nissan pathfinder suv rwd off road pkg 88k miles auto trans cold a/c
available 4/1 4300 coronas – jhenvy@yahoo.com

f.  1.2 sattelie dish  for sale  fiberglass  works fine   for dish network   40   gringo  fan palms – annabeckz1@yahoo.com

===THE END===