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a.  3/26/20: East Cape Health Center today we have 8 cases of Covid-19 in Cabo, most from the same wedding party almost 3 weeks ago. Another couple flew in from US and became ill once they arrived. They are contacting anyone who they made contact with. They have now restricted incoming flights. Please encourage your friends or family coming in from US or elsewhere to comply to the 2 week “stay home” policy to limit our exposure here in southern Baja.  If you have plans to go shopping stop by our pharmacy for mask and gloves. Our clinics, lab and pharmacy will remain open. We have cleaning crews disinfecting the clinics before and after patients. We are taking all the recommended precautions with screening at the door before entering the clinic. We have the hazmat suits for our own protection.. Stay tuned… charlene.wenger@gmail.com

b.  Dear Friends, and Patients  –  Letter from our Dr. Dennis O’Brien

There are currently scads of information on social media, television etc. regarding Corona virus in the US and abroad.  Most of it is useful and requires the application of common sense and action.  Below, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you that will hopefully put your mind at ease.
Corona viruses have been around for a while.   SARS , from a few years back, is a corona virus.  This present virus, COVID19,  just like any other virus, will not respond to antibiotics as there is no cell wall to destroy (unlike a bacteria).
So………..what do we do?  There are many things we can do to decrease the likelihood of contracting a viral infection, being a carrier, or both.
All of the precautions regarding hand washing , direct contact, avoiding large crowds and public places are good things to practice and make good common sense and remember:  YOU CAN BE SYMPTOM FREE AND STILL BE A CARRIER.  That said, let’s all be responsible community members.
Good over all self care is also a must right now.   Simple things such as staying hydrated, avoiding sugar of all kinds (  and  booze), rest, avoiding smoking of any kind, avoiding over exposure of sun, minimizing stress, avoiding over exercise and avoiding over eating  are a good place to start.  Perhaps the best single self care item is AVOIDING FEAR in  all its many sources.  It has been well demonstrated  that stress lowers an immune response and this  is even  more important now.
Regarding an immune response, the following will be helpful for us all in moving forward.
Getting information: As mentioned, there is a lot of information out there  about COVID19.  Your best bet is to listen to the experts in the field of immunology and epidemiology. To date, information coming from hopeful  drug companies and politicians have been  incorrect and misleading in my observation .
That said, Mainstream medicine and Big Pharma are planning an OUTSIDE IN  approach to treating this.  That is, recommending drugs that have not been tested for safety and efficacy, as well as massive vaccinations.  The problem with OUTSIDE IN is that even if it produced good clinical outcomes, which it may or may not,  it will not be available for at  least a year  from now and by then the damage will already have been done.
INSIDE OUT works in a different way.  What it does is to activate your own immune response from the inside, allowing your own immune players to selectively fight off an invader of any kind.
How do we achieve that?  The self care tips above are a good place to start.
Next, (and oversimplified), we have to activate certain white blood cell types known as PHAGOCYTES.  What they do is patrol your body from cell to cell, and when they detect that there is an invader, they engulf the invader and destroy it. For this to happen the phagocyte needs the triad of Soluble Calcium, real Vitamin C (NOT ASCORBIC ACID), and essential fatty acids. Soluble Calcium is needed to get the white blood cells mobile and patrolling.  Essential fatty acids are needed to get Calcium out of the bloodstream and into the tissues and thus, into the phagocyte so that it can be mobile and get to work where it is needed.  Real Vitamin C  is what allows a phagocyte to have the  knock out punch it needs to eliminate an invader. (Note:  ascorbic acid is the antioxidant portion of the Vitamin C molecule and is  less that 5% by weight of the complex Vitamin C molecule. To say that ascorbic acid is Vitamin C is like saying that a steering wheel is a car.  Don’t get bamboozled!).
The triad I have used for the last 29 years regarding viruses is made by  Standard Process.
1.  Calcium lactate tablets   9 per day   3-3-3
2,  Cataplex C tablets          6-9 per day
3.  Cataplex F tablets           6-9 per day
Standard  Process has recently started a program called PATIENT DIRECT, which gives patients the ability to order directly from them and deliver to your door.  Please let me know if you have any questions about  this.
Back to COVID-19.  We have to remember that microorganisms such as this are NOT PREDATORS, THEY ARE SCAVENGERS.  That said, they will thrive on
dead, raw, irritated, devitalized  tissue.  So……….  if you  are interested in the INSIDE OUT principle, the above information will be helpful to you.
 It is estimated  that the majority of humans on the planet will be exposed to COVID 19
 within a year.  In the US,  unlike China and S Korea, it will be more difficult to contain  for a variety of reasons and will continue to spread over a longer period of time, increasing  our odds of exposure.  That said, we as individuals have limited options regarding  exposure to COVID-19.  What we do have is the ability to  make good choices for ourselves and our families by raising our vitality FROM THE INSIDE OUT.
 If you have any questions about any of the above information, feel free to contact me at densaidyes at aol.com.  Please feel free to forward this article to others.  My Best to you and your families  Dr Dennis O’Brien


a.  Starting March 25th and until next notice, the Delegation will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

b.  Rochin Olachea, Lawyer & Accounts–office hours 10 to 3pm Mon -Fri.  Contact anytime by phone 6241410343cell  and WHATS APP 6243554968, 6241971307, 6241555558, juanangelrochin@gmail.comAndrea@rochinolachea.comlizeth@rochinolachea.com y francisolachea@gmail.com


a.  3/26/20:  We just spoke to our CalGas delivery guy and he said power will be out from 8am – 4pm on Monday (3/30). FYI! We are in Buenos Aires.

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