THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2020  –  #4073


Our beautiful Calendar is blank for March 2020!


a.  Contact Char if you want to donate money to help her prepare the health clinic for COVID-19 or order a oxygen compressor, which is what you’ll need if seriously I’ll. She is ordering compressors soon so put your order in right away. The clinic has 4 oxygen compressors We may need a lot more ,so order one for the clinic. Lets be prepared!

b. East Cape Health Center Update – As we continue to track the CoronaVirus we are researching the mixed stories for validity. Today I learned of  5 cases of Covid -19 that have been identified in Cabo. All tested in Hospital H+ and now recovering in their hotel. The group flew in together for a wedding and 2 became ill almost 2 weeks ago, and the other 3 have been recently tested after developing symptoms. Fortunately, the southern baja has been lucky but those coming in from the US or elsewhere may bring it down to us. The Mexican President is looking the other way and not imposing restrictions, as elsewhere in the world. View this web page and see how this is expected to run its course.  https://www.nytimes.com/video/world/americas/100000007049738/as-coronavirus-approaches-mexico-president-looks-other-way.html?action=click&gtype=vhs&version=vhs-heading&module=vhs&region=title-area&cview=true&t=5

For daily tracking log into https://coronavirus.bcs.gob.mx/  under Casos in Mexico click the green box and a window will appear describing all the known positive cases in the different states in Mexico.  We now have masks and hand sanitizer ( bring your own pump bottle) for sale in our pharmacy. – charlene.wenger@gmail.com

c.  Something I would like to share with everyone, based on my previous experience as a restaurant/bar owner: the state health inspector always insisted on us having a bucket of water containing 5% bleach. This was used to frequently rinse our bar towels used to wipe bar and kitchen surfaces. This simple solution kills ALL bacteria and viruses, yet is mild enough that employees didn’t need to wear gloves (thus a bonus as they were keeping their hands sanitized).     Bartenders, money handlers, food prep employees all benefit from using these sanitized towels, thus having bacteria and virus-free hands probably 99%+ of the time.     I suggest all of us consider keeping this solution around our homes, as it is an effective killer of bacteria AND the Corona virus.
Ron & Lynda, Baja Cleaning Crew – BajaLynda315@gmail.com

d. Be Aware:  In the past five days I have spoken to six people who had just arrived on international flights.  Of the two single persons and two couples only one person was self- quarenteening themselves.  A local shop owner had to ask another couple to leave the shop after finding out they had just arrived on an international flight and decided to go about town shopping


a. El toro y la luna is open from 9 am to 5 pm monday to friday.  Closed on weekends, la ribera store is closed temporarily..  Thank you for your prefeference!!

b.  Pay Dennis:  Due the present circumstances we have modified our office hours to; 9:00AM to 2:00PM, Mon.-Fri. And ask customers to use the telephone for information when possible. Thank you all, stay well and may God Bless!

c. Aeroburro, Your local package and mail service will be opened 9 to 4 Monday to Friday at Plum Loco. We are here for all your shipping needs and questions. Our location is Sanitized after every customer. If you need books we have a free library filled with books to help pass your time. More information at 624-141-0520 or www.aeroburro.com  Most of all” Stay Healthy” Paul

d.  RECYCLE CENTER CLOSED until further notice – please keep your recyclables until we’re able to re-open.   Please, absolutely no dropping off recyclables. – info@eastcaperecycling.com


a.  Looking for a local, affordable experienced website designer.


a.  Pizza Gourmet San Antonio will be open until further notice, for now we have pizza to go call us 6121775806 or if you prefer we are open and come to eat here !!


a.  Wanted:  Used Moses 633/483 combo hydrofoil on a 111/101/91 mast vanart@gmail.com or What’sup +1 604 600 5054

BAJA BIZ –   Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing

a.  If you, around los Barriles o La Ribera and you,all like Massages. Close by (*map) you could bring  all your family you and your Pet. Letticia Sauceda   WhatsApp this number, 624 12 89875.

b.  Spa Vida has 10% off in all of the treatments and services. Besides, we recently included Acupuncture to our list of body treatments, which helps with several body conditions, but as a reminder these days, it also helps to improve the immune system, and this treatment is 15% off!!! If you would like to book an appointment send an email to spavidalosbarriles@gmail.com or book through facebook.


From SJD Airport to the EastCape – none

From the EastCape to SJD Airport

Caravan – Rides Offered – Rides Wanted – none

NOT WANTED – THREE LINE LIMIT!! –   Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.

a.  two good, but used tires 33.5 x r 15  toc99@hotmail.com

b.  bbLife jacket Competitor by Sherpa Competitor juvenil hasta 85kg
Indice de flotacion 50 newton – ngrinager@gmail.com

c.  2005 nissan pathfinder suv rwd off road pkg 88k miles auto trans
cold a/c available 4/1  4300 coronas – jhenvy@yahoo.com

d.  2008 Chevy Suburban LTZ one owner 4 by 4  1,004 actual miles. Loaded white / grey interior. 11,000 apples or will trade for smaller car or suv or 4 seater side by side.ertdd2000@aol.com

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