TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2020  —  #4072

Note:  I’m getting too many emails, “do this”, “don’t do that”.   The objective of the BPE will be concentrated on businesses and the real-time health and welfare of the citizens and x-pats of the East Cape.  Restaurants, if you’re doing To-Go, send me your menu and I’ll try to post.  One good suggestion, please don’t come to BCS until we get an all clear!  If you need to express yourself, please use FaceBook.

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a.  Websites:  discoverbaja.com  for road info.  I have received 6 emails from folks driving north crossing at TJ, Mexicali, & Calexico (horses mouth) and NO problems.  Now if anyone has had an issue would like to hear that story

b  Here’s an official US website that will give the latest Travel info for US Citizens from the US Embassy in Mexico City.
From here choose “Mexico,” and then select the latest Embassy Messages – Alerts.
– Alaska’s governor just mandated starting March 25, a two week quarantine for all international and interstate travelers entering Alaska punishable up to $25,000 fine and/or one year jail time.

c.  East Cape Health Center is watching the following website for accurate information.
https://coronavirus.bcs.gob.mx/.   IF you review you will see only 2 cases have been identified in Cabo both were in the hospital for a short stay and recuperating at home. Please check this census daily and it will calm down the stories you may be hearing. – charlene.wenger@gmail.com

d.  East Cape Health Center Announcement so many questions are surfacing about COVID-19 so I wanted to help clarify our protocols:  IF you develop symptoms of headache, sore throat, dry cough, fever, muscle and joint pain ( more than normal ) let us know and we can advise you clinic: 624-124-8203/emergency: 624-160-1997. We have one room designated for screening anyone with infectious symptoms and we can rule out other infections or viruses with tests in our lab.
If you have traveled Internationally or in the US ( Washington, California or NY ) or have close contact with anyone who has tested positive, we can arrange testing if it is indicated. Just like everywhere in the world, Mexico has the capability to test suspicious cases and treat the symptoms at home. IF hospitalization is indicated Hospital H+ has reassured me they can handle hospitalized patients in regular rooms or ICU.
Please keep my number handy 624-157-0081 and if you have information for me please contact me by email: charlene.wenger@gmail.com


a.  East Cape Home Health is now offering grocery delivery services from within and around Los Barriles. Email us your address amd grocery list and we will deliver to your front door. A charge of 20% of your grocery bill will be added and 100% of that fee goes to the delivery personnel. info@eastcapehomehealth.com

b.   HSBC Fido:  My findings, remember these addresses: mexico_honofid@hsbc.com.mx   –Beatriz.pardo@hsbc.com.mx  or Hugo.chavez@ hsbc.com.mx ,these three email addresses are currently invaluable.  Write and give name,address and Fido number and ask for instructions to pay. They will answer usually in twenty minutes with the amount in dollars and pesos and how to pay. You can choose now to pay someone from 50 to 100 dollars to do it for you or pay yourself at any HSBC branch or mail a check ( usps) to us address.  Tony at Bay Cities Produce.  This info is in the Directory under Bank/Fido


a.  Does anyone know the rules for taking food back to the US in a cooler? Is it allowed? Thanks jrlester@live.com

b.  Looking for someone qualified to drive a 2018 Ford Edge from Los Barriles to US border, or beyond (Reno ideally) with a seasoned, well traveled small dog (miniature Schnauzer). Dog is well behaved and obedient. Preferably within the next few weeks. Monetary compensation and qualifications will be discussed later.   Raushabaja@live.com

WANTED –  Repeats in one week

a.  Wanted:  Travel trailer wanted. need something to park at our ranch during home construction. – clarenceharrison@hotmail.com




a.  As of March 23, The seating area of  “Zopilotes” Ice Cream Shop in San Bartolo will be closed until further notice. We are still offering Ice Cream sales in 1/2 or 1 litre size, available for pickup or Delivery. Email: zopilotes.sb@gmail.comWhatsApp: 612 134 1002
Facebook: zopis.sanbartolo – For Flavours available and to place your order for Premium Hand Crafted Ice Cream. Thank you. – zopilotes.sb@gmail.com


a.  Kelly’s Full Body Conditioning work-outs are still happening. Tuesdays and Fridays 7 am – 8am at the open air Palapa next to the Elementary school. Bring your mat, light hand weights and exercise bands. I have a reputation for the class being difficult, its true! But come and do what you can, or stay at home and do nothing. – kwmx3@yahoo.com


a.  Windsurf freeride board 110-115 lt. 6.0-6.5 sails. Less than 10 year old gear please. – vstrals@outlook.com

b.  2018 10 meter North Neo, great condition.750 Coco’s – mikeabbott123@msn.com

BAJA BIZ –   Repeats every TWO weeks. 5 lines/10-15 words per line/50 words total – subject to editing

a.  Mail Boxes Los Barriles is open Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 10am to 2pm.  We are happy to help you with your shipping needs to and from San Diego weekly.  Give us a call Terry Curtis, 624-151-5530 telcel, 310-272-9500 usa, Judith 624-247-3203 store.  mailbarriles@gmail .com  www.mailbaja.com

b. dish reciever  for lease  6 mo. lease  all channels  east coast networks   plus channels   234   to  242 – annabeckz1@yahoo.com

c.  trees for sale  any kind  of  coco  any size   6ft   25 ft.   royal palms  fan palms all delivered and planted  desert trees   and cactus  app.  only – ronlaribera@yahoo.com<

From SJD Airport to the EastCape – none

From the EastCape to SJD Airport

Caravan – Rides Offered – Rides Wanted – none

NOT WANTED – THREE LINE LIMIT!! –   Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.

a.  Polaris Ranger for a client

b.  One Eco Baja van ticket  LB to airport, Tues  3/31/20 @ 8.55 am  triplej@frontier.net

c.  Brand New Atv tires on Polaris stock rims. I can remove from rims if you just want tires same price.  25x10x12, 25x11x12  375 Coco’s – mikeabbott123@msn.com

d.  1   sattelite for sale   1. 2   fiberglass  works fine   70   cocos – cantrell.knowlesbeckyz1@gmail.com     

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