SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2020  –  #4070

Note:  Wow, what else can I say!  Today, I will “clean” the calendar of any social events up to April 15th and we’ll go from there.

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21 Sat CANCELLED!!! Community Market LB Laguna Park
21 Sat La Fogata Anniversary party. Music by The Chicharones,  Dinner 6,music 7
21 Sat Wine Pairing Dinner by Wine & Tequila 6pm casadevinos.losbarriles@gmail.com  BPE #4067
21 Sat Willy’s bar&grill Live music. STAMINA Power Trio. 7 pm. Come & enjoy with us. Res. 6241325419 hguillermo.willy@gmail.com
23 Mon Online Yoga with Sarah. Live Vinyasa 8:30-9am Free  https://losbarrilesyoga.com/online/
25 W CANCELLED!!  Rotary La Playa Restaurant- screed10@gmail.com
25 W Open Mic!  Sign-up 6, music 7pm.  Resv, Norma at 624-177-2812.
26 Thu New Creation Orphanage Fundraiser-La Playa Rest. 6pm $700ps http://www.leaders2give.org #4060
26 Thu Keaoke at Vago’s- Plaza del Pueblo across from fountain. Hosted by Tish  8pm-midnight!


a. Smokey´s Update – During these difficult and trying times our team at Smokey´s is instituting some changes in an effort to promote sterilization and responsible social distancing. For instance, will now have some seating available outside under event tents and we are also spacing barstools farther apart. We have installed a handwash station on the patio and we are asking all customers to wash their hands thoroughly upon entry and our employees are doing the same every 20 minutes.
Further, we are proud to be the first customer for a new local business run by Ron and Lynda Tracewell, the Baja Cleaning Crew, which specializes in cleaning and sterilizing the floors and walls of local homes and businesses with their new specialized machines. Calling the Tracewells is something we should all consider at this point in time.
Due to current circumstances, we are now forced to limit our daily work force in an effort to provide work to ALL of our employees. But with that, we have doubled our cleaning crew from two to four employees per day for four hours. That´s a win-win. A well maintained sterile environment and continued work for our employees. In addition, Smokey´s is now offering and encouraging to go orders for food and drink. And we are now offering free home delivery as well. For to go orders or delivery please call local land line 624 141 0294, or text US cell 858 231 1358.

In the event that the government requires that bars and restaurants close, we will remain open on a to go and delivery basis only. And our customers will continue to be welcome to enjoy Happy Hour in our parking lot in a socially responsible manner.

We wish all in our community continued health and well being. God Bless us all.  Chris Moyers

b.  “You are not alone in paradise.” Feeling isolated, lonely, and anxious during these uncertain times. Camilla Ford offers online/phone counseling for relief, connection, healing, clarity, and serenity. For more info: bajacamilla@yahoo.com.

c.  US Consulate March 20, 2020:  https://gcc01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmx.usembassy.gov%2Fes%2Finiciativa-conjunta-de-mexico-y-estados-unidos-para-combatir-la-pandemia-de-covid-19%2F&data=02%7C01%7CBlanco%40state.gov%7C1e688d128cab45260e6308d7cd05bf8a%7C66cf50745afe48d1a691a12b2121f44b%7C0%7C0%7C637203296875253648&sdata=%2FLoWYQHst%2F%2FvDMa2BvDf3BfLyNVo7ujesocwRUfdOK8%3D&reserved=0

d.  In an effort to keep Los Barriles, Buena Vista and all of our great East Cape Villages healthy and happy, Suzie’s Consignment will be closing Friday (Mar 20th) at 5 pm.   April 3rd we will reevaluate the situation and let you know what direction we are going.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but the health of our clients, customers and our dedicated employees is very important to us.  Thank you for your patience.  Keep smiling and keep washing those hands!!

e.  Solutions Clinica de Belleza – Under the current situation that the world is in right now, I’ve decided to take precaution and close my business for the remainder of the season. For those clients who have upcoming appointments this next week I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you but I feel this is necessary for all of us to stay safe and virus free.       Connie Heinen – permsolutions@aol.com

f.  Asociacion de Artes has made the decision that we will not  print out our April – May 2020 issue of the East Capers Magazine.  WE WILL HAVE AN ONLINE ISSUE ONLY.  This decision was made because of the amount of folks leaving town, and we  feel it would not be the best way to spend our advertiser’s dollars to print a copy that will reach a very small audience.   What we are doing is, all advertisers that paid for the April-May 2020 issue will be in the October – November 2020 issue for free.  That is, your paid issue will carry over to the first issue of the 2020-21 season.   This will also help with your bottom line as we all know the season ended this year 2 months early.  The online issue will reach thousands and will not cost anything but some of our time.  Your ad’s will be in the online issue as it would have been in the printed issue.   We will aggressively advertise the online issue. We appreciate your continued support with our magazine and look forward to a great 2020 -21 season!
We will get through this new ‘world’ we live in and hope all of us in our little corner of the world are safe and healthy.  And everyone who enjoys our Baja paradise, think of our local neighbors that will have a very big struggle with their season and livelihoods ending two months early.  Please do what you can to help them out too. Please keep your articles coming for those of you that were writing them.  We still will have an issue, just not in print form!!!  Thank you for your support. – eastcapersmagazine@gmail.com

g.  As you may know the 9th Annual Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show was cancelled due to reasons related to the current Coronavirus Pandemic.  The worst part of this cancellation is the effect on those that really need the additional food voucher help purchasing the food that they need.  We had switched to a spring fashion show this year because the summer is when the vouchers are needed the most and many of the gringos are not here in the summer months to hire them.  The Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show organizers still have the desire to help those that really need food the most and want to be a conduit in providing that help.
The Los Barriles Food Bank has a plan in place to use donated food items.  Our greatest need is financial to help the neediest families in the area.  We are always amazed by the willingness of the local community to help by the cash that they donate to the Feeding the Hungry Fashion Show program.  With the cash donations we purchase food vouchers from Chapitos that we distribute to the neediest in our community.  With those vouchers they can purchase things they need like: fruits, vegetables, diapers, medicine, or bread.  Every family’s needs are different.
The cash raised through past fashion shows has been the primary way that we have been able to help the local people.  This season, with the fashion show cancelled, has been a very painful reminder to us that we can’t do it alone, but we really rely on the members of this community to help make it all happen.  Donations of cash can be deposited at Intercam Bank in the name of Harriet Purkey.  Cash in both USD and Mexican Pesos are very welcome.  For checks please contact us for instructions at one of the phone numbers listed below.  If you would rather not go to Intercam Bank, we would be glad to meet you in town.  If you are in the USA, or Canada and want to donate by check, call, or email, for instructions or more information.
For more information and/or instructions:  Phone: Ben or Harriet Purkey 624-141-0339 Mexico, 541-854-5303 USA   Ben’s Mexico cell 624-177-9881   Email: purkeybh@gmail.com


a.  The S.N.A.P. clinic scheduled for April 19 has been postponed until May 17 as the government mandated closures of all large gatherings from March 20 to April 20,which we are happy to comply.  If any pet needs to get spayed or neutered before our next clinic, please make an appointment with Dr. Cristobal ,612 141 4261 in Buenos Aires.  This service is still free to the Mexican Community paid for by donations to S.N.A.P.  We wish everyone good health during this time and we will see you next season. – kathyp1210@yahoo.com

b.  orange kite board found on beach on 3/20   describe and claim – bajasynergy@gmail.com


a.  Does anyone have a tow bar or car trailer  I can use or rent for a day.  My car went belly up down by nine palms and I need to tow it back. Prerabky sito it a strap  waterman5113@yahoo.com

b.  based on personal stories and the world health org. reports, i suspect that mexico is under-reporting possible covid19 cases in baja to protect the tourist industry, and may be diagnosing the flu instead. any facts to support my suspicions?. – sschatzl@sdsu.edu

c.  anyone driving to the states and has room for two lg boxes 20lbs that need to be dropped off at any ups drop off. will compensate. thank you bcsbaja@yahoo.com

WANTED –  Repeats in one week

a.  Wanted:  sit-on-top kayak in good condition with trolley cart. Not fishing. No paddle needed. 10 feet max. – danceswithshells@gmail.com


a. “Zopilotes” Ice Cream Shop will be open as Usual until Monday March 23. We will then be changing to “Take Out” Only. Consider ordering your fave flavour by the litre. Delivery available. 2 for 1 Sundaes still on for Sunday March 22. Come on up and help us eat up the flavours I have already made. 10:30-6:00 Sunday-Friday zopilotes.sb@gmail.com Facebook/Instagram-zopis.sanbartolo


a.  YOGA with SARAH – Online LIVE Vinyasa Flow class Monday 8:30-9am Free  Go to: https://losbarrilesyoga.com/online/

RENTALS WANTED & HOUSE SITTING NO MORE For Sale by owner  or real estate companies, For Rent, House-sitting. – Repeats in ONE week. 

a. Housesitting wanted:  my name is daron lapping,  you have probably seen me at the driving range hitting balls or at tres palapas playing pickleball. i am the golf instructor at skamania lodge near hood river oregon. i just got the call that my work will be closed for 2 more months. i personally feel more safe here then at home and would like to stay in los barriles. so if anyone knows of a house that needs watched over or a room available or something please email me @ daronturbo@gmail.com
i have many references

b.  Help!  With the crazy times we are in we find ourselves looking for a place to “shelter” for April and May.  We are already here!  Buena Vista is our first choice, close to the playa – mdjoanis@gmail.com

c.  I am looking for a house for long term rent two or three bedrooms in Barriles or Buena vista


From SJD Airport to the EastCape –

From the EastCape to SJD Airport

Caravan – Rides Offered – Rides Wanted – none

NOT WANTED – THREE LINE LIMIT!! –   Repeats in one week. All Coconuts are US in origin. Subject to editing. (Bad words: sell, money, $, dollars, pesos) – Keep it short!  Sorry, no photos. Use Craig’s list and include link.

a.  one sattelite  dish  for dish network  fiberglass   1,2  meters  50   cocos   u.s. – cantrell.knowlesbeckyz1@gmail.com

b.  1 dish reciever  for lease  active   6 mo lease   all channels  networks   all movie channels  cheap – annabeckz1@yahoo.com

c.  2010 polaris ranger 500 efi 4×4.  all new tires, wheel bearings, brakes, suspension bushings, oils, filter, tune up.  large winch.  only 765 hrs.  5500 tacos obo.  bobcatshaw@gmail.com –

d.  2001 8 passenger Chevy Van.  3500 peppers. https://bajasur.craigslist.org/cto/d/2001-chevy-van-reduced/7084786186.html

e.  2003 28ft panga diesel. immaculate condition, paperwork all current, fully equipped, 21,995 obo email for link. – jonanthonynaihe@yahoo.com

f.  One Eco Baja Tours ticket for Tues  3-31-20 @ 8.55 am  LB to Airport triplej@frontier.net

===THE END===